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10 Amazing TV Shows That Feature A Latinx Lead


What started as just a week for the latin community in America transformed into a month-long celebration in 1989. Besides learning about Hispanic culture and traditions, a great way to show appreciation for the Latinx community is to recognize the many talented professionals in the film and television world.

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With Latinx Heritage Month in full swing, it’s a perfect time to turn the spotlight on the incredibly talented Latinx actors doing amazing work in the world of television.

10 You’re The Worst – Desmin Borges as Edgar Quintero

Édgar Quintero looking distressed in You're the Worst

You’re The Worst is a severely underrated, binge-worthy dark comedy on FX (and Hulu). Its dry humor and poignant look at real human problems make it a must-see for fans of shows like Love, Fleabagor Bojack Horseman.

Borges plays Edgar Quintero on the show. He’s the over-accomodating best friend of writer Jimmy Shive-Overly, a talented home cook and an aspiring comedy writer and actor. Additionally, Edgar’s character is a war veteran and goes through intense paranoia and anxiety attacks caused by his PTSD. Borges does an impeccable job of portraying the real-life problems that veterans face today, as well as navigating the tricky waters of toxic friendships and what they mean for people.

9 Superstore – America Ferrara as Amy Sosa

Amy in her manager uniform in Superstore

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants actor America Ferrara’s most recent TV role has been on NBC’s Superstore, which takes a closer look at the lives of big box store employees a la Costco/Sam’s Club covering everything from discrimination to funny break room conversations at the Superstore. Ferrara’s been nominated for four awards for her role on the show and won the Gracie Award for Leading Actress.

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Amy is a woman who, even with teen pregnancy and young marriage, worked hard and was very successful in her field. She rose through the ranks at the store and even became store manager and Director of Customer Experience. From the beginning she advocates against Latinx stereotyping by refusing to work a salsa stand, highlighting the microaggressions that people of different ethnicities can face in the workplace.

8 Brooklyn 99 – Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz

brooklyn 99

Rosa Diaz is the tough-as-nails, emotionally distant cop full of sarcastic jokes and clever insults. While she has a spiky exterior, Rosa is also an incredibly loyal best friend who cares deeply for the people in her life. She routinely puts herself in danger to help others and is even caught in the middle of a police hostage shootout.

As the show transitioned into its final season this past summer, the writers were aware of the current social issues surrounding police brutality. Rosa’s character, consequently, decided to quit the police force as a statement in response to violence against POC and Latinx communities. She, instead, works as a private investigator and tries to get justice for families and individuals affected by police violence.

7 Magnum, P.I. – Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum

Thomas Magnum sitting on a chair and leaning back against a wall in Magnum P.I.


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