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3 things that are seriously hurting your heart, according to a cardio surgeon.


If you’re one of those people who are really not great at the whole check-up thing, these days smart watches like FitBit come with ECG (electrocardiogram) apps, making it possible for you to analyse your own heart health. 

Pretty crazy, huh?

“I’m very excited at the introduction of wearable technology into our smart watches – an ECG app can allow us to check for a common heart rhythm issue called atrial fibrillation simply from your own wrist,” said Dr Stamp.

“If it detects this problem, you’re able to show your doctor and this can help diagnosing what is a really common problem.”

Dr Stamp says that while the accuracy of these kinds of wearable technology is pretty good, it’s always important to remember to get checked by a health professional if you’re concerned.

“Of course, even if it says that it’s fine and you feel unwell, it’s important to get checked out. However, the future of being able to check your heart could simply involved checking your watch, and this is amazing.”

Things you can do to look after your heart.

The good news? There are some really easy changes you can make to your lifestyle to reduce your risk of heart issues. 

“Simple is the key here – there’s loads of advice floating around that is complicated, ineffective and unachievable to keep you healthy,” said Dr Stamp.

Things like good nutrition and some form of daily exercise can go a long way towards lowering your risk of heart disease.

“Move your body – anything is great, eat a diet full of veggies, fruit, whole grains and healthy oils, sleep well and give up the smokes.”

Above all? Help create awareness of the importance of heart health in women.

“Tell at least three women that you love to get their hearts checked and spread the word so that we can protect our hearts.”

What do you do to look after your heart health? Share with us in the comment section below.

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