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3 Things That Can Put A Stop To The Cycle Of Binge Eating


Standing in the kitchen I felt sick: stuffed and full of shame. I’d just eaten three-fourths of a pint of ice cream, a stale pastry, a bag of chips, and half a bottle of blue cheese dressing with crackers. And, yet, I was still rummaging for food.

It was a painful and frightening experience.

I no longer binge, but it’s not something easily forgotten.

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The worst binges come seemingly out of the blue and take on a life of their own. You may feel unable to stop or as if you are in an altered state of consciousness.

Afterwards, you feel disgusted. You vow to never ever do that again. And that makes it even more heartbreaking when you find yourself in another binge eating episode.

There’s a reason why your commitment to stop binging hasn’t worked. And that’s because focusing on the binge itself is misguided. It’s actually the time after a binge that matters the most.

Here are 3 important steps to stop the binge eating cycle.

1. Get back in balance.

It’s logical to think that since you took in many excess calories in a binge that you should starve yourself the next day. But that’s not how it works. Balance, not penance, is what’s called for.

Your body has already stored the excess and still needs current fuel. If you’re not hungry, it’s not necessary to eat. But, if you’re hungry, then follow your appetite cues no matter how much you ate earlier.

This is not the time to grab a quick pastry, but to sit down to a balanced meal.


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