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5 canceled NBC shows we wish were coming back this fall (2021)


Another fall season is here, and there are certainly TV shows to look forward to. There are some canceled NBC shows we wish were going to be on the air.

NBC has a bad habit of canceling shows just before they get off the ground. If the live ratings don’t work out, NBC is quick to pull the plug. From a business point of view, it makes sense. From a viewer point of view, it’s frustrating.

It’s hard to give a new series a chance, especially when there are some canceled NBC shows that we’d love to see continue. There are storylines that just didn’t quite get the chance to wrap up, or there are characters that we just felt connected to.

There are five canceled NBC shows that we’d adore in the fall 2021 TV schedule. It’s not going to happen, but that doesn’t stop us from wishing. Just a note that we’ve not included Manifest or Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. As much as we’d love to see them both, they have been saved in some sort of format to finish their stories.

5 canceled NBC shows we wish were on the fall 2021 schedule

The list is in alphabetical order. There are multiple genres, which means it’s impossible to rank because one genre is not better than another.

Council of Dads

Spring shows don’t get a great chance on NBC. There are a lot from the past that get one season and are then canceled. Council of Dads was one of them that just didn’t have time to find an audience, and part of that was due to the unusual scheduling choices at the start of the series.

Council of Dads covered so many real-life problems, and it didn’t shy away from the bad as well as the good. It focused on a group of men coming together to support each other, which really is something important. It made it clear that it’s alright for men to cry and share their emotions.

While it wouldn’t be on the fall schedule, that doesn’t stop us wishing that it could be. It was a show worthy of the fall schedule.


Another spring series that didn’t get a chance to get off the ground was Debris. Mystery shows do struggle a little to find their place, but they just need time. They need the promotion to draw people in, and they need the time to tell the story. Binge-watching mystery shows works well, but isn’t it time networks gave them more time?

Debris had some excellent stories to tell. There were mysteries within mysteries, and there’s no doubt that we needed more. With the cliffhanger ending, we’re still looking for answers.

Like Council of Dads, the series may have been a spring show, but the storytelling gave it fall potential if it could capture the audience.

Good Girls

If there’s one show that managed to avoid the curse of low live ratings, it’s Good Girls. This is one of those NBC shows with a great Netflix deal, which helped to keep it on the air when we thought all was lost. That was until Season 4.

It turns out that it wasn’t the low ratings that were the problem. There was going to be a fifth and final season, but there were problems behind the scenes. We won’t get into the problems but will say that we wish something could have worked out to wrap up the women’s storylines.

A shortened season for the fall would have been a fun ride.

The Good Place

One of the comedies we adored on NBC was The Good Place. It had a forking good cast, and there were some great meanings behind the story. This was one of those NBC shows that offered us hope within the humor.

A good thing about the series is that it wrapped up the story. It was given a final season order. However, that doesn’t stop us from wishing that it could stay on the air, especially when other NBC comedies just haven’t performed all that well.

We don’t even have any comedies on NBC this fall. The Good Place would have been a great one.


Another comedy we adored was Superstore. Like The Good Place, it did get a final season order to wrap up storylines, but that doesn’t stop us from missing it.

While America Ferrara was the reason we initially tuned in, each of the characters became ones we could root for. There were characters we could relate to and want to see succeed. The show was a true ensemble series and worked with the cast left in the final season, and the show deserved more time.

With no comedic NBC shows in the fall schedule, Superstore is going to be missed.

Which canceled NBC shows would you have loved to see on the fall schedule? Let us know in the comments below.

Most of the shows above are on Hulu and Peacock, with the odd show on Netflix.


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