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5 Subtle Signs Of Disordered Eating To Watch For


Experts are seeing a tremendous increase in disordered eating in all age groups. But the signs are not always big and obvious. Many more subtle signs may be present.

In fact, what looks like healthy eating may not be when you look deeper.

While relatively few will meet the criteria of a diagnosable eating disorder, it’s important to recognize these more subtle signs as even mildly disordered or dysfunctional eating can stand in the way of both health and happiness.

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Here are 5 subtle signs of disordered eating to watch for.

1. Having anxiety around food.

The dieting and wellness messages that surround us can lead to anxiety when faced with food and eating choices. Instead of relaxing and enjoying your food, you may find yourself tense and worried.

This anxiety is counter-productive to health. It not only takes away the pleasure you should feel in eating but it adds stress that interferes with appetite signals and the ability to make good choices.

This stress can also lead to GI symptoms which become a self-reinforcing cycle.

In its more severe form, the idea of limitless tempting food availability can be so frightening that you avoid parties or events with food such as weddings or funerals.

In this way, life becomes restricted because of fear and anxiety around food.  


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