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7 tricks to banish weight-gain during Diwali festivities: Detox not needed if you follow


Overeating during Diwali is so easy

Overeating during Diwali is so easy&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

Key Highlights

  • It’s Diwali, for God’s sake and there’s no escaping the well-meaning aunts, friends, cousins, parents who want to stuff you like a turkey.
  • You too are craving all the yummy goodies, and we know that just so well.
  • What we need is a magic formula so that you can eat scrumptious Diwali goodies and still not put on an inch or a gram.

It is the mother of all festivals where Indians are concerned and it is almost taken for granted that if you are not gorging on all those yummy goodies served liberally during Diwali, you are not appreciating the effort that the hosts took making the traditional sweetmeats. 

So one ends up spending Diwali time with binge sessions of overeating, over drinking or going completely sleepless — in turn, creating toxicity for your mind and body.

After the festivity is over, you are shocked by the post Diwali weight gain, and hence the need to fall back upon a ‘detox diet post-Diwali. Staying in balance during the festivities will ensure you don’t end up needing a post-Diwali detox, say experts.

How to avoid over-eating during Diwali and beat the bloat:

  1. A teaspoon of gulkand (rose-petals preserve) and warm water to begin your day: Or have a teaspoonful of gulkand mixed in milk, if you prefer. If the gulkand has been made at home, all the better. The probiotic-rich gulkand works wonders by enhancing your gut microbiota/flora and thereby curbing acidity, constipation, bloating. This discipline followed daily helps make your belly look flatter and thinner.
  2. Eat something nutritious but low-cal before meeting friends or going shopping: The reason is simple. If you have eaten healthy calories like a protein meal with low carbs and low fats, you will feel fuller longer and not make desperate and wrong choices spurred on by a rumbling and hungry stomach. If you have to partake in the eating festivities with others, you may find lesser temptation and will likely eat fewer servings with smaller portion sizes.
  3. Seek a smaller plate for yourself: When you have a smaller plate to fill, you will load it with fewer food items or smaller portion sizes. But as we said above, do not arrive hungry for this food session. Before these festivities, your previous meal should be something sumptuous yet not fattening like a high-fibre Dalia/quinoa/oats meal. We say that because according to Science Daily, tricking the brain into eating less by serving food on a smaller plate doesn’t necessarily work, according to a new study by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers, who found that when people are food-deprived, they’re more likely to identify a portion size accurately, no matter how it is served.
  4. Diwali special traditional home-made savouries and sweets vs readymade bazaar-packed barfis and juices: Stick to the traditional homemade sweets, laddoos, halwas, barfis, chaklis, chiwdas, senv, karanji, etc. As they have been made at home the traditional way, they are nutrient-dense and regulate our blood sugars. That will keep you from binging on the sinful calories of Kaju barfi, sweetened juice preserves, a bar of chocolate, et. that are loaded with harmful preservatives and commercial sugars. Avoid the packaged/processed ones since they are loaded with trans fats and high-GI carbs, both of which together make for an unhealthy combination.
  5. Share, care, and celebrate: Weight the stress and economics of donning tons of hard-to-lose calories that will lay your fitness regime to a waste. Instead, recall how you will spread Diwali cheer when you share the unopened yummy sweet boxes among your domestic help, watchman, driver and other people around you. This will reduce your chances of overindulging in them. And make you happier than just stuffing on them alone.
  6. Choose baked goodies over fried, wherever you can: Baking with less or no oil should ensure that you ingest fewer fats, triglycerides. Many savouries and sweets are baked and contain fewer calories than deep-fried or stir-fried ones. Make wise choices when at the table.
  7. Beware of sodas, colas, sweetened drinks and of course, alcohol! All these products pack in heavy calories that will send you on a guilt trip, not to mention demand extra work at the gym, later. So make wise choices. The last time I checked, water or green tea still happened to be the healthiest of drinks. 

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about any medical matter.

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