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8 Netflix Thriller Series Fans Of You Should Watch


Netflix excels at creating TV shows of various genres. Thriller is one of them and the streaming service gives space to creators from multiple countries to offer their own spin of the genre. One of the most popular series is You, which has recently aired its third season and is still going strong.

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The show has everything the audience could ask for it, both a captivating story and fascinating characters played by excellent actors. However, three seasons might seem a lot but it’s possible to binge-watch them in a relatively short time. Luckily, there are other thriller series on Netflix that could captivate the fans of You if only they give them a chance.


Mindhunter David Fincher

Getting into the minds of people who are very different from the majority of the population is always interesting. Other than You with its obsessed, dangerous hero Joe portrayed by Penn Badgley, Mindhunter also gives the audience such an opportunity.

In this case, the show focuses on two FBI agents who are exploring the minds of serial killers to figure out what makes them tick. Even though the show takes place in the 1970s, not the modern days like You does, what they have in common is a heavy atmosphere that will easily draw the viewers in right from the start.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

For the people who just start watching the show, You might seem like an innocent story about a guy who falls in love with a girl. However, it soon becomes something else entirely and it can be quite disconcerting. Black Mirror is an anthology story, unlike You, but it follows a similar recipe in some episodes.

At first, everything looks alright but it eventually goes seriously wrong. For example, the third episode of the first season follows a man who suspects his wife is unfaithful to him and ends up driving her out of his life, all because of a piece of technology that allows him to access all of his memories, including the old ones. It’s not the only time the series includes episodes about twisted relationships, which is basically what You focuses on.


Sarah Paulson in Netflix's Ratched

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), directed by the late Miloš Forman and starring Jack Nicholson, is one of the best-rated thrillers of all time. A strong part of its charm is thanks to its main villain, the dangerous Nurse Ratched.

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In the new TV adaptation of her story by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story, American Crime Story) Sarah Paulson shines as the titular character. She initially seems alright, a good person like Joe, but she grows darker over time. Thanks to Paulson’s performance and the overall atmosphere of the show, Ratched will be intriguing for everyone who enjoys psychologically dark thrillers.

Behind Her Eyes

Thriller TV shows usually have one of two forms. Either they focus on action or the complex minds of its heroes and antagonists as well as their mutual relationships. Behind Her Eyes fits in the second category. This British book-inspired series tells the story of a woman who starts an affair with her boss who works as a psychiatrist. At the same time, she forms a friendship with his wife.

The mysterious atmosphere and people who are more complicated than they originally seemed to make the show a good pick for all You fans. It helps that the actors are excellent, even though they’re portraying characters who aren’t always sympathetic.

Dirty John

Dirty John

Love is often complicated in the world of movies and TV shows. Especially when it includes love and manipulation. Initially, it seems like Joe genuinely loves Guinevere but he soon shows his true face.

Dirty John portrays similarly difficult relationships in which one or both partners are far from innocent and good. The crime anthology series works with multiple heroes so even when the viewer doesn’t like one story, they will soon get a new one they could potentially enjoy more.

Locked Up

Locked Up

Just like Dirty John and You, Locked Up also puts a lot of emphasis on manipulation in a romantic relationship. In this case, the heroine ends up in prison after her boyfriend pushes her into embezzling funds for him. In the new harsh world, she has to learn how to survive.

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Prison TV shows are a popular genre, as series such as Prison Break or Orange Is the New Black proved and Locked Up has a lot to offer both to fans of complex not-quite romances as well as to those who enjoy a good crime story.



As You proves, TV shows’ heroes can never be quite sure who to trust because even people who treat them kindly might be hiding a deep secret, as Joe does. Michael C. Hall is best known for playing Dexter who has his own huge secret. But in this show, he shines as a man who has to uncover hidden truths about other people.

At least if he wants to have any chance at finding out what happened to his missing teenage daughter. The mysterious British show is full of interesting characters and the story of the girl’s disappearance is enough to keep the audience hooked.

Criminal: United Kingdom

Criminal United Kingdom

As You excels in turning the audience’s perception of the characters upside down, so does this anthology series. In…


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