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Akshit Puri strives to make fitness a household name


As obesity has become an emerging issue all over the world, people have started to take their bodies and fitness more seriously than ever. While many of us love to look like our favorite celebrities, losing weight and building muscle require rigorous training with proper guidance. At the same time, a healthy physique is the result of a healthy and balanced diet, and, living in an era of junk foods, most individuals find it difficult to adhere to a sustainable lifestyle. As a result, people get demotivated very quickly as they fail to notice any difference even if they join a gym.

During the current Covid19 pandemic, the fitness industry suffered a considerable jolt due to the shutting down of gyms around the world. As people stayed more at home, their fitness goals started to seem far more unachievable than before. The habit of binge eating and lack of physical activities reflected on their bodies as they began to gain weight. So, the industry experts decided to change their approach and utilize the digital platforms to reach their clients who require fitness guidance. Akshit Puri, a fitness enthusiast himself, took social media and other digital spaces to spread fitness awareness among the mass.

Akshit, being a son of a successful businessman, has always been interested in business and entrepreneurship. He joined his father’s company with the aim to expand his family’s business and became a bigwig within a very short period. As he began to look for new business opportunities, he turned to his teenage love i.e fitness & bodybuilding.

This successful entrepreneur developed a passion for bodybuilding while still in college. Following the footsteps of his favorite celebrities, he joined the gym and worked hard to reach his dream physique. Finally, in 2019, he made the decision of building a profitable career out of his passion.

With his entrepreneurial skills, he quickly identified the lack of valuable and trustworthy content in the fitness domain. Despite having an interest in fitness, many people struggle due to a lack of proper understanding and proper guidance. So, Akshit set out to put out high-quality fitness content as a blogger. Gradually, he expanded his reach among the young gym-goers using Instagram. The gym shots and diet tips of this fitness enthusiast helps his audience to grow fitness knowledge and take mindful lifestyle decisions. His official Instagram handle – akshitpuri.fit – currently has nearly one lakh followers owing to his top-notch content and insightful tips. Talking about his venture, he commented, “I am happy to be inspiring and motivating people to attain the perfect body they want. I realized that through my videos I can help people by providing them tips that are beneficial for them and with gyms being closed during the pandemic, my videos are a source of knowledge for thousands of people who want to work out at the comfort of their homes.”

As the fitness industry is witnessing a growth in the number of fake influencers, a genuine content creator like Akshit holds it crucial; to make the general audience aware of authentic fitness-related information. So, he is dedicated to curate and present well-informed content before his audience through highly palatable mediums.


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