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Amazon Deal of the Day: 5 Monsoon treats under Rs 550 you should gift yourself this


Weekends are for yourself. Stop attending those work calls and the urgent emails can wait till Monday, cause in this fast-paced life we most often forget to live a day just for ourselves. Be it simply enjoying the rain with no stress on your mind or listening to the birds and watching the clouds take forms in the starless sky, give these two days to yourself and relax. If you are planning to lounge on your couch and binge-watch your favourite series or simply take a walk by the lake, here are 5 treats that you need to enjoy this weekend.


Foot Hydration Socks

Your feet are the ones that very well know your toil in life. Give them a break with these relaxing socks that hydrates and moisturise your feet with their shea butter, aloe vera extracts.

Price: Rs 250

Deal: Rs 239

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Indoor Fluffy Slippers

A pair of comfy slippers can do you a lot more good than you thought of. It gives your feet a nice warm hug and is extremely useful to stay warm during this chilly season. 

Price: Rs 650

Deal: Rs 525

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Chocolate Treat

Regardless of being on a diet or not, weekends are the perfect time to get high on chocolates. It induces dopamine secretion that relaxes your body muscles and calms your mind.

Price: Rs 450

Deal: Rs 369

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Caramel Popcorn

With the theatres in closed doors, you can enjoy the weekend at your home turning to your TVs with this yummy chocolatey popcorn treat in your hand.

Price: Rs 200

Deal: Rs 179

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Charcoal Face Mask

Also, don’t forget to pamper your skin with this charcoal face mask that removes blackheads, whiteheads and pore-clogging dirt and extra oils and leaves skin silky and smooth.

Price: Rs 350

Deal: Rs 189

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