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ASSET initiative gives Amesbury students community support


Amesbury public schools reopened this fall with a new asset called, appropriately enough, by the acronym ASSET. The Amesbury School Support & Empowerment Team (ASSET) is a group of professionals, who work closely together to support the students, teachers, and school community in Amesbury.

The team, consisting of members of the Amesbury Police Department, Amesbury public schools, and The Pettengill House, Inc., works to assess student needs and ensure they get the proper assistance.

Amesbury has launched its ASSET program, a partnership of public safety personnel, schools and the Pettengill House aimed at giving students support and guidance. Shown here, clockwise, are Jarred Haas, Amesbury Middle School principal; Sgt Noyes, Amesbury Police Department; Troy Burrell, Amesbury Police Department; Ronnie Guilmette, Amesbury Police Department; Elizabeth McAndrews, Superintendent; Acting Police Chief Craig Bailey; Tiffany Nigro, Director, The Pettengill House; Lisa Prendergast, Pettengill Director of Case Management; Jennifer Kay, Pettengill Social Worker (School Linked Services); Anna Reilly, Pettengill Masters in Social Work Intern; Alina Sabatos, Amesbury High School Interim Asst. Principal; Danielle Ricci, Amesbury High School Interim Principal; Jim Montanari, Amesbury Elementary School principal.

“Understanding that students can require different types of responses, from law enforcement to social supports, this team is uniquely suited to support all students in need,” said Amesbury Communications Director Caitlin Thayer. “ASSET meets regularly to make sure that the group can support Amesbury’s kids as a cohesive team, and is on the same page about the chain of communication when a situation arises.”


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