[ad_1] Weight loss targets are highly personalised and determined by a qualified team of healthcare professionals while taking your medical condition into consideration. &nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images Key Highlights Healthy weight loss could range anywhere between 400g to 1 kg per week. A random calorie restricted diet or a fad diet can have adverse
[ad_1] Over the years Marathi Industry has struggled for an equal place at the box office. The emerging technology and COVID-19 pandemic made OTT the nexus for entertainment. This new change demanded Marathi content to be more innovative, bold, and accessible across the world. Akshay Bardapurkar, CMD, Planet Marathi came to the rescue of the
[ad_1] Billionaire VC Tim Draper (via Draper Associates) has led a $6 million Series A in wellness tracking startup, Vivoo. Also participating in the funding round is ONCE Ventures, Revo Capital, 500 Startups (which backed its pre-seed), Global Ventures, and (the female-led consumer tech startup focused) Halogen Ventures. The personalized nutrition and lifestyle startup sells
[ad_1] In return for a reduction in the abnormal hunger and excessive eating, called hyperphagia, that characterizes Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), caregivers of patients with the rare genetic disease — even many who did not identify as risk-takers — are willing to accept medications with a potential for side effects, including skin-picking and liver damage, a
[ad_1] Indulging in food you enjoy may help you eat more healthfully or even lose weight, says a nutrition expert. LumiNola/Getty Images Indulging in rich, delicious food may help you lose weight and eat healthfully better than diets. Certain processed foods ‘lie’ to your brain prompting cravings and binges, says a nutrition expert. To break
[ad_1] Nichole Lewis admits she used to be the hamster on the wheel – unfulfilled with the results of countless diets she tried over the years to lose weight and hope to feel better. But none of them worked. She actually gained more weight, repeatedly falling back on bad habits, until she eventually found the right approach that worked for her, and ultimately