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Best Addictive Binge of 2021 — Lily Rabe and Amy Brenneman in ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ –


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Consider yourself warned.

The title is Tell Me Your Secrets.

The issue is once you start, you aren’t going to be able to stop. And the less you know about it, the better. Amazon Prime Video drops all 10 episodes of Tell Me Your Secrets on Friday, Feb. 19, so your plans for the weekend have been made.

This intense, morally complex psychological thriller from creator/writer Harriet Warner stars Lily Rabe (American Horror Story), Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy), Hamish Linklater (Legion) and Enrique Murciano (Without a Trace). Richard Thomas (The Waltons) also stars in a more unusual role.

The series revolves around three characters, each with a mysterious and troubling past: Emma (Rabe) is a young woman who is in love with a dangerous killer; John (Linklater at his best!) is a former serial predator desperate to find redemption; and Mary (Brenneman) is a grieving mother obsessed with finding her missing daughter Theresa (Stella Baker).

As each of them is pushed to the edge, the truth about their pasts and motives grows ever murkier, blurring the lines between victim and perpetrator.

“[Mary’s] motivation is something that all of us can relate to and would drive us all crazy,” Brenneman shares. “When there’s really this opportunity for [Mary’s family] to come together and sort of grieve as a family, she goes through the motions but then does drugs with her young lover [Chase Stokes, Outer Banks]. I mean, I think she’s just not there. … I think the more she’s with them, the more dark she feels.”

Amazon Prime Video

The character Mary was loosely based on a woman in the U.K. whose daughter had been abducted, and she started a foundation to generate awareness and education.

“She kind of gained a certain societal stature and I was like, ‘Ooh, that’s really interesting.’ That you would actually sort of gain a certain standing in the culture because of your tragedy,” Brenneman said. “And then, what happens [in the fictional series] when this singular drive will take her to places she never thought she would go.”

Brenneman was thrilled at the opportunity to work with Linklater in the most unusual of character partnerships.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Hamish’s for so long. And partly what I love about him, and I was like, I want to play with that, is that it’s not one mood. He’s just so deft and available and funny and depressing and weird. And he’s just so weird. And I was so excited to have material with him.”

And that’s all we’re going to share on this one. Enjoy this thrill ride!


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