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Best TV Shows Of June 2021


Time wise, Netflix was pretty much the only game in town. There was also Hulu, Prime Video and a few others. But Netflix quickly established itself as the place for streaming originals.

Cut to June, 2021, and the world is a very different place, as you can plainly see from Decider’s list of the top 10 TV shows of the month. Sure, Netflix is on there a few times, but relatively new players like HBO Max and Apple TV+ are finally dominating our list. Does that mean Netflix’s throne has been taken? Probably not — not yet, at least. But it does mean from a viewing perspective, you’ve got more great choices in more great places.

This month that includes a brit-com-rom-com from a fresh new voice, a lauded look at stand-up comedy, a trickster god, and much, much more.

Now, a word on methodology. The staff of Decider sent in their picks for the top five shows of the month. Those were ranked, weighted, culled together and used to make the list you see here. If a show aired one episode between June 1-30? It’s up for ranking.

Want to know how we ranked shows in previous months? We can help with that: here’s January, February, March, April, May and the Best TV Shows of 2021… So Far. And now, on to June:


‘Sweet Tooth’


Photo: Kristy Griffin/Netflix

Based on the comics by Jeff Lemire, on paper, Sweet Tooth shouldn’t work. A post-apocalypse virus tale starring a kid with antlers? That’s weird. But what co-showrunners Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz brought to Netflix is a beautiful, timeless fairy tale that feels like Big Fish crossed with Stranger Things crossed with Contagion. Still too weird? Maybe, but it works — not just as a rollicking adventure story with frequent bursts of heart and humor, but also as the first (and perhaps only) TV show to properly use COVID as a parallel without feeling sickeningly close to our real world. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, prepare your heart to fall in love with an adorable, cub scout suit wearing beaver boy puppet named Bobby. A true triumph at eight episodes, thanks to several massive cliffhangers it basically demands Netflix pick the series up for Season 2. Come on, Netflix: feed our sweet tooth with more. — Alex Zalben

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‘This Is Pop’


This Is Pop
Photo: Netflix

I’ve seen a lot of music documentaries, but this Netflix show still managed to deliver something new and exciting. Go ahead, watch Episode 1 and just TRY not to get “Motown Philly” stuck in your head for a week. Watch Episode 2 and just TRY not to be a little more obsessed with T-Pain. This Is Pop takes a deeper look at music phenomenons that span cultural impacts, technology advancements, and general shifts throughout the industry, the world, and the way we listen to music. You’ll smile, you’ll learn something new, and you’ll be listening to some of your favorite jams from years past for days to come.  — Lea Palmieri

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‘Rick & Morty’

Adult Swim

Photo: Adult Swim

Hey, have you heard about this Rick & Morty show? It’s a little, under the radar animated series about a boy and his grandpa going on adventures. Just kidding, of course you’ve heard of the culture shifting, hit animated series. But what sometimes gets lost in the midst of Szechuan sauce riots and pickle flavored Frostys is that Rick & Morty is also really, really good. Though only two new episodes aired in June, “Mort Dinner Rick Andre” introduced the over-sexed Mr. Nimbus, Rick’s arch-enemy; and “Mortyplicity,” which featured a cascade of Smith family decoys, and was an all-timer. We’ve got plenty more to go in Rick & Morty Season 5, but the series is already off to a great start. Except for Jerry. Jerry is doing terribly, as usual. — Alex Zalben

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Apple TV+

Photo: Apple TV+

Rose Byrne’s performance is so haunting in Apple TV+’s dark comedy that it should come with a trigger warning. On its surface, Physical is a story about an undervalued housewife learning to own her power through aerobics. But you don’t have to look far to find the cutting examination of disordered eating and self-hatred threaded throughout Shelia’s inner monologue. Physical isn’t explicitly a series about body positivity. Rather it’s about the horrors that can occur when that message is rejected and women lean into hating themselves instead. — Kayla Cobb

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Dave continues to be one of the most inventive shows on television. Co-created by and starring Dave Burd (Lil Dicky), the series is based on Burd’s life as it follows the neurotic twenty-something as he pursues a rap career. FX’s incisive comedy will make you laugh, cry, and say, “wait…what?!” multiple times throughout a single episode. If you need an example of the show’s unique brilliance, Season 2’s “The Observer” is one of the best TV episodes of the year. — Josh Sorokach

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‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’


Photo: Jojo Whilden/AMC

Kevin Can F**k Himself is our new Sunday night obsession. Starring Annie Murphy, Eric Petersen, Mary Hollis Inboden, and Alex Bonifer, AMC’s innovative dark comedy mixes elements of a single-cam prestige drama with the zany tomfoolery of a traditional multi-camera sitcom as it follows the secret life of a sitcom wife. Annie Murphy won an Emmy for her exceptional portrayal of Alexis Rose on Schitt’s Creek. We expect the same result for Murphy’s virtuoso performance in Kevin Can F**k Himself. — Josh Sorokach

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‘Black Summer’



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