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Burn Notice: Michael’s 10 Best Aliases


In the USA drama series Burn Notice, the newly blacklisted CIA operative Michael Westen takes up a job as a private investigator in his hometown of Miami to keep himself busy while trying to find out who was responsible for his ouster and why. In order to do his job as a P.I. well, he uses aliases on the regular.

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Thanks to the numerous tricks he was taught at the CIA, Michael is able to come up with the most convincing of aliases. Apart from helping him blend in and gain trust, the aliases are always a source of humor too since Michael has a way of making even the smartest of villains look idiotic when he is pretending to be someone he is not.

10 McBride

Michael Westen goes undercover as the CIA agent McBride in Burn Notice

Shortly before he gets “burned,” Michael goes by the name McBride while undercover as an IRA member in Ireland. In fact, among the things, fans miss about Michael’s love interest Fiona in Burn Notice is that she meets him during this specific period, making it a significant moment in the show.

The alias helps Michael fit in an organization that has a history of being impenetrable by spies and law enforcement officers due to detailed background checks of its members. The alias also boosts Michae’s odds of winning Fiona’s heart. Though she sticks with him even after learning that he is American, she has confessed that she would never have agreed to go on a date with him if she knew he wasn’t Irish.

9 Louis

Michael Westen poses as the devil Louis in Burn Notice

As Louis, Michael pretends to be the “devil” himself. With a red shirt, black suit, and gruff voice, he convinces a religious gang that he is straight from hell. It all happens after one of Sam’s old Navy SEAL buddies seeks help in flushing out a sexual predator that is hiding among the gang members.

Michael’s creativity is the reason he is way more likable than the best TV and movie spies (such as James Bond). His alias here is basically a seesaw, switching between ridiculous and amazing. Posing as the devil, Michael is seeking to persuade the religious gang to let go of that “bigger sinner” among them or else hell awaits. And he sure is convincing since, when he snaps his fingers, explosives go off. These explosives have actually been placed by his buddies Sam and Fiona but the gang doesn’t know that. In the end, the predator is flushed out.

8 Sergei Yablonovich

Michael poses as a Russian mobster from Tampa named Sergei in Burn Notice

To help a man whose sister has been kidnapped by the Miami-based Russian mobsters, Michael pretends to be Sergei, another Russian mafioso from Tampa. He convinces his Miami colleagues that the feds are watching hence they must move the girl.

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Michael’s ability to pull off different accents so easily is something that can only be matched by the most talented of thespians. Here, he makes the mobsters believe that he is truly one of them. Warning them of impending doom if they don’t act fast makes him gain their trust. And by offering to personally move the girl, he becomes even more valuable. Little do they know that he wants to re-kidnap the girl and take her back to her family.

7 Steve Remington

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