Stress Binge

Can’t understand why your weight is increasing rapidly? These could be the possible


There are many reasons for weight gain. Foods, drinking and eating fast foods are the prime reasons for unhealthy weight gain.

Even though we know the reasons for our weight gain, we fail to take proper steps to stop it.  Most of us are aware of those reasons. However, many times it is seen that despite making no mistake, our weight increases and one does not understand why this is happening.

There can be some reasons behind the sudden weight gain. Read below to know some of the reasons and let us know your opinion about it….

Stress: – It is a small word but it can bring huge damage to the body. When a person is under stress for a long time, many of his hormones start getting affected which causes weight gain. This stress can be of any kind from work to family or illness.

Binge Eating disorder: – One of the reasons behind weight gain is Binge Eating Disorder. Many times people feel that they feel hungry like this throughout the day and they keep on eating snacks. Actually the reason behind this can be Binge Eating Disorder. Due to this, weight starts increases due to chewing something throughout the day.

Not staying hydrated: – The right amount of water in the body is very important to increase metabolism. If you do not drink the proper amount of water, then suppose that weight gain is certain. Due to this, the toxins are not able to get out of the body and cause many kinds of diseases.

Underactive thyroid: – Underactive thyroid is also called hypothyroidism. Under this condition, thyroid gland is not able to make enough hormones and weight increases. To deal with this problem, along with medicine, changes in diet and lifestyle also have to be made.


Read More:Can’t understand why your weight is increasing rapidly? These could be the possible