Choych Choych Powam, A Binge-Watch Show By Ginger Media Entertainments


South Indian digital entertainment platform Ginger Media Entertainments launched its show on youtube named Choych Choych Powam, which garnered immense popularity among the audience.

 Ginger Media Entertainments functions as a platform that narrates news stories in Malayalam in an organized manner with an authenticity that is supposed to be kept in front of wider audiences. The Unique Selling Proposition of these platforms is directly proportional with its thoughtful proposition enabling millennials in getting their daily dose of vital information and features stories that have bundles of inspiration flowing through it. The news platforms have accumulated extensive readership from their audiences, which has turned them into one of the leading news websites. 

 Featuring guests from around the globe, Ginger Media Entertainments makes sure to cover every possible segment, whether it be health, start-up, education, lifestyle, technology, or entertainment. One fascinating fact is that it also gives a platform to stories that fall in the categories of technology, business, etc., which makes it the one-stop space for favourable startup-driven content as well as providing valuable insights on the go.

 A year ago, the channel launched a talk show whose genre is structured around the act of spontaneous conversations, called Choych Choych Powam. The name of the show itself means ‘Everyone has a partier side in themselves, and one shouldn’t be shy to show it. The show gives an insightful glance at an exceptional understanding of the beliefs and credences of the guests with a pinch of humour to make it more fun for the audience. The show is gaining popularity abruptly and is being loved by the viewers. The show has an enormous viewership in each episode, making it a huge hit.

 The founders of the channel are Muhammad Sajas, and Nithin Mohan are visionary entrepreneurs. They have been in the public eye for their impeccable work in the Web Series Shobhayude Swantham Dineshan that went viral on Social Media platforms. The cherry on the cake is that the south-based information house also makes news fall in line with the concept of eminence, integrity, and impartial reportage in Malayalam.

 The show is being anchored by renowned Radio Jockey RJ Shambu. It has recurring segments and games that are played with various celebrity guests. Some talk shows focus on entertainment, incorporating interludes of music and comedy, while others emphasize politics, controversial social issues or sensitive topics, and emotional therapy. This show, Choych Choych Powam, has been especially scripted, keeping in mind to offer a whole lot of fun and contentment to its audiences. The show has many recurring segments and games that are played with various celebrity guests.


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