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CPK’s Mondo Take & Bake Pizza Giveaway Is Here


What to Know

  • California Pizza Kitchen (participating locations)
  • Be one of the first 65 diners to dine-in and spend $50 or more on Oct. 25 and 26, and you’ll leave with a Take & Bake Pizza
  • If you’re not among those first 65 people dining in, or you don’t spend $50 or more, you can take a Take & Bake pizza home for an additional eight dollars

When late October’s leaf-twirly, rain-chilly ways blow into town, our hankerings turn to melted cheese, warm dough, and the sort of slice-it-up savories we can enjoy while couch-lounging.

And to help us snack-it-up while we decide if we want to re-binge the series we just binged twice, all while staying wrapped up in a favorite throw blanket, there is California Pizza Kitchen, which is launching a large-scale pizza giveaway.

How it works is this: Be one of the first 65 people to dine in and spend $50, or more, at a participating California Pizza Kitchen on either Oct. 25 and 26.

If you’re in that group, hurrah: You’ll be presented with a complimentary Take & Bake Pizza, which you can enjoy at home at some later date. (Or, indeed, later that same day, if you’d like to eat out at CPK early and then enjoy more CPK at home before the day concludes.)

The company will be giving away 10,000 Take & Bake pizzas each day, across the nation, during the promotion. Oh yes, it’s National Pizza Month, which is part of the reason behind the big-big giveaway.

“Our guests are just as passionate about hot and fresh pizza as we are, but some guests may not be aware that we also offer the best take-home pizza experience. To give new and existing guests an opportunity to try it out, we’re excited to give away 20,000 delicious Take & Bake pizzas,” said Jim Hyatt, CEO of California Pizza Kitchen.

“Our team of world-class chefs has created something special, and we can’t wait to see what our guests think.”

But wait: So you say you weren’t one of the first 65 people to dine in at a local CPK, while spending fifty dollars or more, or you did dine in but didn’t spend $50?

There’s another way to enjoy a Take & Bake: Pay an additional $8 after dining in and you’ll be presented with a warm-at-home pizza pie before you depart the eatery.


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