Diwali 2021: Getting rid of acidity, bloating and constipation post Diwali binge


Diwali 2021: Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has been sharing tips for her followers to make the most out of Diwali celebrations without falling sick or end up with extra kilos. From responsible eating in parties and get-togethers to indulging in traditional fried stuff and sweets, Diwekar also busted a lot of myths around festival food in her other videos from Diwali series.

Diwekar in this video talks about getting rid of acidity, bloating and constipation post Diwali binge. She says that munching mindlessly and eating without any plan at any point of the day could lead to these problems.

Here are 5 tips to prevent acidity, bloating and constipation by Rujuta Diwekar:

1. Drink gulkand water

Diwekar says that while we tend to party overnight during Diwali, we invariably wake up around the same time of the day. She says that we one wakes up feeling gassy, bloated, constipated or with a heavy head, then starting the day with gulkand water is a good idea. “Take a tsp of gulkand and mix it in a glass of water and then shake it up and sip it. If you don’t have gulkand, you can use rose petals. Mix a couple of them in a glass of water, shake it and have it. Chew all the rose petals. This will help you with constipation, acidity and bloating,” says Diwekar.

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2. Take a mid-morning nap

Diwekar suggests taking nap for 15-20 minutes post breakfast. “We get irritable when we try to empty our bowels without success early in the morning and try out random things. This trick will aid in clearing your bowels effectively,” says Diwekar.

3. Finish you lunch with 1/2 banana

“This trick is very helpful even in relieving constipation of small children. Have your regular lunch – roti, sabzi, dal, chawal and wrap it up with 1/2 a banana,” says the nutritionist.

4. Lie in suptabadhakonasana for 2-5 mins in evening

“Our bloating starts to increase in evening. If this is the case, then this asana is very effective. To perform suptabadhakonasana, you bring both your feet together and both your knees down as much as you can. Support your back with a bolster and lie down for about 2-5 minutes. This will take care of all the bloating,” adds Diwekar.

5. Have rice pej or kanji with ghee for dinner

This will ensure that you are not overeating, over drinking and going crazy with sugar cravings. If during Diwali time, you are excessively craving for sugary items then in the night, you need rice pej or kanji, says Diwekar.

“Boil the rice in a lot of water, let it become soupy and pour it out in a cup, add two spoons ghee and sip it. You will also feel light on stomach,” shares the nutritionist.

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