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According to their website, “Cybertech is the cyber industry’s foremost B2B networking platform conducting industry-related events all around the globe [where businesses can] learn all about the latest technological innovations, challenges, and solutions to combating threats within the global cyber arena.”

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, Cybertech NYC touched down in New York City at The New Glasshouse at 660 12th Ave (between 48th & 49th streets.) for a day of discussion and decision about the world of cyber.

Two leaders from the Katz School of Science and Health, Dr. Paul Russo, dean of the school and vice provost, and Sivan Tehila, the newly appointed director of the Katz School’s cybersecurity master’s programs, sat on different panels as they offered their expertise and insights on, respectively, resilience to disinformation and talent development in cybersecurity.


Paul Russo and Sivan Tehila at Cybersecurity NYC
Dr. Paul Russo (left) and Sivan Tehila


In a panel on society’s resilience to disinformation in social media, Dr. Russo said AI algorithms are amplifying the forces of disinformation, hate speech, political polarization and terrorism worldwide with a bias toward inflammatory content.He said systematic changes should include government regulation; university researchers working with social media companies to encourage transparency in data and algorithms; changes to privacy, data policies and technology that would balance incendiary content with alternative perspectives; creating “friction” to avoid over-posting by the most egregious users; imposing timeouts for binge participants; and developing training that would encourage smarter and savvy users.

In the special panel discussion on women in cybersecurity, Tehila said one of the reasons there are few women in the profession is that they’re not exposed to cybersecurity at a young age. When she moved to New York in 2019, she founded Cyber Ladies NYC. which has since grown to 250 women. She added that she’s encouraging women to join the industry by developing a cyber program at the Manhattan High School for Girls, participating in conferences like Cybertech, and providing a high-quality cyber curriculum at Yeshiva University.

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