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Euphoria season 2: What’s next for Nate?


TW: Violence

Easily, Nate Jacobs is one of the most terrifying characters of modern-day television. This Euphoria character is vindictive, abusive, arrogant, and above all, he’s a huge jerk who isn’t used to things not going his way. From his toxic relationship with Maddy Perez to the mind games he plays with Jules Vaughn, it is evident that Nate has absolutely no inhibition and is truly monstrous in his thinking and his actions.

Despite Nate being such an unlikeable character, some fans of the HBO series have been wondering if there is a chance of redemption for him especially following his huge meltdown in the last episode. However, some fans believe he’ll just go back to his vile nature, committing atrocities at every corner. While we don’t know for sure where Euphoria season 2 will take Nate, we do have a few interesting theories that may prove to be true once the sophomore season eventually releases. Check it out down below!

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Euphoria season 1!

What will happen to Nate in Euphoria season 2?

We have three possible outcomes that we predict might be in the cards for Nate’s future—the first of those being, jail.

Let’s face it, Nate Jacobs is extremely violent not only towards his loved ones but to strangers. We know that he beat Maddy’s pursuer into a pulp and demanded that this man stay quiet, but if there is a chance that this victim knows that his run-in with Nate could land this violent teen in jail, we’re hoping that he takes it. Not to mention the fact that Nate already got in some trouble after he violently put his hands on his ex-girlfriend, so Maddy’s pursuer snitching on him may finally get this guy behind bars.

Jail seems to be the only place fitting for this young teen and we’re hoping that if he doesn’t end up there, he at least gets sent to some disciplinary location, be it a boot camp or scared-straight place.

Meeting his match and being rendered powerless is the second outcome we predict for Nate Jacobs in season 2.

This football star clearly thinks highly of himself, so much so, he actually believes he’s untouchable. It would be nice to see someone knock him down a few notches and serve him a dish of humility to calm this boy down. Coincidentally, we already know that meeting his match would certainly slow Nate down as we’ve seen his equals, Jules and his father Cal, do just that in the first season in their own respective ways. Granted, both of these individuals proved to be slightly weaker, it was still enough to let us know that even a mighty giant like himself has a few weak spots.

Maybe another strong jock or a vengeful Rue will be the opposing force needed to stop this unmovable object, but we’ll have to wait until the second season debuts to see it all play out.

The third and final outcome we predict for this character would be the one we’re dreading the most—we predict that absolutely nothing will happen to Nate Jacobs and he’ll continue to terrorize those around him.

The show tends to highlight the unfair disparity that exists between those who have to deal with the consequences of their actions and those who walk away scot-free. We’ve seen Nate get away with his behavior numerous times and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see him get away with it all again. Of the three, this might be the most likely, unfortunately.

Whether he ends up in jail, ends up humbled, or ends up the same exact way, we’re super interested to see what will happen to this Euphoria character in the next season and we can’t wait to get a season 2 release date and more sometime soon!

What do you think will happen to Nate in the upcoming season? Let us know your theories in the comments below!


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