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From biscuits to hoagies, these were the best-looking food and drinks of this year’s Emmy


Maybe it was baking burnout from all the breadmaking in 2020, or maybe it was the ongoing stress of being unable to relax during pandemic dining in restaurants, but the food and drinks on this year’s Emmy nominated shows had us salivating as we binge-watched.

From English pubs to Pennsylvania gas stations, Buckingham Palace to Bridgerton, this year’s Emmy nominees were selling us on every snack, meal and drink and we just want to know where to buy them. Or make them. But mostly buy them. If we’re being honest, we’d rather pay a delivery fee than stop our show and get off the couch.

Biscuits, Ted Lasso

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It was no surprise that Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) spent most of Season 1 of Ted Lasso trying to figure out where Ted (Jason Sudeikis) was buying his biscuits. We all spent Season 1 trying to figure out how to find Ted’s biscuits.* Alas, it was Ted himself who was baking the little stacks of crumbly butter heaven and delivering them in an Insta-ready pink box. Thankfully, the internet has delivered the recipe every Ted Lasso viewer wants. Now, if I could only find a Ted to make the biscuits so I don’t have to do anything other than eat.

*This is sounding unintentionally dirty. Truly, I’m just hungry.

Crisps, I May Destroy You


Speaking of sometimes jolly ole’ England (the Ted Lasso version is admittedly much jollier than the I May Destroy You version), can we talk about Terry and Arabella’s top snack choice of crisps? Sure, we have chips here, but that crunch doesn’t hit as hard on this side of the Atlantic. Excuse me while I Google the shipping rates on a case of crisps from Europe. Your birth is my birth, your death is my death, your salt is my weakness.

Cuppa Tea, The Crown


Like chips or crisps, I’m fully aware that there is perfectly good tea available outside of the UK. Still, I can’t help but feel like the tea I make with my electric kettle and drink from my oversized promotional mug does not taste as good as the tea being served on a silver platter from a china cup in The Crown. Sugar made in fancy cube form probably helps.

Hoagies, Mare of Easttown


If you’ve ever spent time in one of the original 13 founding states, you know that Pennsylvania does gas station food right. Any meal purchased at the pumps in PA is gonna be great. Whether it’s Sheetz or Wawa, gas stations in Pennsylvania have the best food menus and that includes Mare Sheehan’s morning hoagie. And evening hoagie. And her post-shift hoagie. It looks artery-clogging and delicious anytime, day or night.

Jack Daniels and Diet Doctor Pepper, The Kominsky Method


Michael Douglas’ Sandy Kominsky has a pretty good backstory about his drink of choice, and it involves Canadian icon Leonard Cohen and some illegal substances. Diet anything doesn’t seem very rock and roll, but the Jack Daniels pulls up the cool factor.

Anything with a Spoon, Bridgerton


Literally, anything.

Chocolate Croissant, Emily In Paris


While Emily In Paris may have been full of enough cringe-inducing moments from its main character to make it the guilty pleasure watch of the year, one thing actually relatable about the social media manager with 50 followers (what?!) is that Emily could not get enough of those fluffy, cloud-like chocolate croissants or pain au chocolat. I have no doubt each croissant was made with at least a full stick of butter and that is not a criticism. The most realistic part of the series was Emily devouring one croissant per day and gaining exactly zero pounds. What is it with the French diet and why doesn’t it translate to the rest of the world?

Fountain Pop, Hacks


You know when you’re a kid and dream about being rich and think of ridiculous things you would put inside your home, like a slide instead of a staircase and a bouncy floor living room? Jean Smart’s Deborah Vance did that with a fountain pop machine and yeah, I get it. Freshly-carbonated pop just hits different.

Pub Food and Pints, Ted Lasso

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I have never once in my adult life enjoyed a beer, but there is something about the pints Mae pours perfectly at the Crown & Anchor pub that has me suddenly craving a refreshing tall glass. Throw in whatever the special is for dinner that night and I completely understand why Ted and Coach Beard have chosen to embrace #publife in London.

Cold Vodka, The Flight Attendant


Much like beer, even thinking about vodka gives me a preemptive tummy ache (shout out to my younger self for believing vodka and Red Bull was a good idea). Still, there’s something about Kaley Cuoco’s constant downing of airplane and full-sized bottles of cold vodka on The Flight Attendant that has me reconsidering my next cocktail. Is straight vodka really better out of the freezer, or does she just have great curtain bangs?

Cheese in a Can, Mare of Easttown


Is there anything that looks more disgusting and unnatural than bright yellow ‘cheese’ (it’s not cheese) coming out of a can? No. Did I immediately want to buy a can of cheese after watching Mare of Easttown and put in on everything, including a cheese puff, a la the Mare Special? Yes. If Mare Sheehan can solve unsolvable cases while consuming edible plastic, there’s got to be some nutritional value to it.

Sushi Flight, This Is Us


When Season 5 of This Is Us wasn’t doing everything possible to make viewers cry, it was making us hungry. Case in point, Episode 10, aka The Sushi Train. The storyline was centred around very rich Kevin and Madison inviting not as rich Kate and Toby for dinner and then ordering all the sushi in LA. At least, that’s what I took from the episode. Give us all the sushi.

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