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From Hunger Games To Moonlight: These Are The Best Teen Movies That You Have To Watch |


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Sometimes, all that the teens need to do after finishing their schoolwork is toss on a couple of comfortable AF sweatpants and binge some iconic movies. There is a wide range of film kinds, yet it’s consistently enjoyable to watch a flick that you can identify with. Since let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a decent teenager film. So get some popcorn and prepare to identify with these characters as you go down this rundown. Here are amazing must watch best teen movies:

The Hunger Games (2012)

After her more youthful sister gets picked to address their area in the destructive Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen volunteers in her place and needs to attempt to endure.

Stormbreaker (2006)

Alex Rider is another youthful legend that should satisfy high hopes so he can ensure, or for this situation vindicate, what befell a relative. After the passing of his uncle, Alex is tossed into a universe of spies and undercover work.

Circle (2015)

While Circle is considerably more grown-up situated and doesn’t have a particular spotlight on the battle for endurance among kids, its merciless focal plot gadget makes an unmistakable cross-over between the two movies. Motivated by 12 Angry Men and its one-room show, the film sees 50 individuals in (you got it) a circle, killed when they attempt to leave or individually consistently.

The Divergent Series

With young characters fronting this set of three and a tragic future given to them to meander in, the similitudes among Divergent and Hunger Games are various. First and foremost, everybody in this future world is partitioned into groups dependent on qualities. Not the equivalent, but rather it unquestionably has a cross-over with areas.

The Maze Runner Series

Set in an oppressed world in which teens structure a general public, the bounty of adolescent sentiment and excessively gallant activity groupings make this a characteristic subsequent review. The puzzling labyrinth is the main way out of the lush region where the gathering is caught, and, a bit like the actual Games, it’s really difficult to make due in there.

Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight investigates the existence of a person of colour named Chiron at three distinct phases of his life as he battles with his sexuality and experiencing childhood in an extreme area. Even though he’s ready to escape his old neighbourhood and start another life for himself, he can’t get away from who he truly is until the end of time.

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