Vengeful Binge

Imlie update, August 10: Malini grows vengeful towards Imlie – Times of India


In the latest episode, Malini and Aditya come back together and Rupali is shocked to Imlie is not with them. Aditya says he thought Imlie had left earlier as told by Malini. Aditya is concerned to know that Imlie is not back yet.

Imlie returns and wonders why did Malini not return with her but called Aditya to pick her up.

Imlie speaks to Aditya about Malini. Aditya says he directly spoke to Malini but she has no feelings for her. But Imlie is concerned that Malini still has feelings for him. Aditya tells he has no such concern and he has to take care of Malini as she is vulnerable right now.

While Imlie goes to talk to Malini, the latter comes to meet Aditya. She asks him about their fight to which Aditya replied that is was a small disagreement. Malini looks annoyed to see Aditya talking non-stop about Imlie.

Later, Imlie gets to meet Malini and breaks down. She pours her heart out saying she will never leave her elder sister alone. Malini is confused in her mind to think that she is hurting Imlie on purpose.

Malini wishes to say something but Anu comes and interrupts. Imlie leaves.

Malini confesses to her mother that she doesn’t want to hurt Imlie. But Anu successfully manipulates her into thinking that she has to take revenge against Imlie.

Imlie makes hot oil for Aditya but Malini slyly takes it and goes to his room. Aditya is not aware that Malini is massaging his head. Later, Imlie also comes to the room and catches Malini pretending to have got the oil for him. Imlie adds neem leaves to the oil and is about to leave but Aditya holds her hand.

He tells Malini to leave.

Aditya and Imlie start to fight but soon he tells her to sit quietly. Aditya then massages Imlie’s head. Malini sees them and feels jealous. Malini thinks ill about Imlie and gets angry.


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