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Importance Of Eating Healthy Amidst #WFH In A Pandemic



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Working from home during a pandemic can open the doors for many health risk factors unless you watch out for it and take steps to prevent it, says Shalini Arvind, Chief Dietician at Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road.

We all know that reduced physical activities, increased intake of excessive food, stress, alcohol, and tobacco are gateways to lifestyle diseases or Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). NCDs include diseases like diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, arthritis, obesity, metabolic syndrome, gall stones, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, Alzheimer’s, cirrhosis, few cancers, etc. Increased excess weight causes havoc in both communicable and non-communicable diseases as the manifestation of any disease increases with increased weight.

When it comes to COVID, it has been found that recovery is comparatively difficult with obese patients as the capacity of lungs to contract and expand is lower due to the reduced muscle in obese patients. It also increases the inflammation in the body, which adds to the problem. Since it is a time when many are working from home, they are susceptible to falling prey to their laziness.


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What makes WFH an option of choice but with a word of caution?
• WFH contributes to more sedentary time.
• People have disturbed schedules. There is an overlapping of work time and family/personal time as there is no boundary of time being drawn.
• People have less access to outdoor games
• Boredom has led to binge eating
• People have more time and resources to prepare foods that are “not so healthy” making it easier for kids to add on extra kilos.
• Anxiety and stress have led to indulgence in alcohol
• Uncontrolled eating because of the habit of eating while watching laptops, TVs, or mobile.

Make WFH option should be seen as a blessing in disguise.
Let’s see how you can make it work better for you.

• Being at home has made you restricted to homemade food which is a healthy option. Learn cooking.
• If you are working from home, your schedule must have got haywire. Try to keep the timings regular. Take out time for yourself to exercise.


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• You are not getting a chance to do a workout or walking, making it easier for you to gain weight. Opt for at-home exercises. Exercise helps in boosting immunity, elevates mood, makes you tired thus helping you to get good sleep, regularizes blood sugar levels, reduces blood lipid levels.
• While other times, you were not able to make soups, salads, and sprouts, and other interesting yet healthy food options, utilize this time for the same. And be creative. This will help in correcting the habits in kids too who otherwise are drawn to junk foods.
• Since, the physical activity has come down, you may consider cutting down on excess food.
• Try to indulge in your long-forgotten hobbies. This can help you deal with stress.


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• Feeling stressed or bored may lead to binge eating or comfort eating of junk foods. Do not give in to the craving for unhealthy snacking. While reaching out for snacks, wait and question yourself if you are hungry or just bored or stressed.
• Get the habit of drinking water.
• Sleep well.
• Alcohol is just empty calories and a depressant. So, avoid it.

Plan and make use of the “work from home” opportunity to correct your lifestyle, rather than letting it become a problem.

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