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Inside Royal Family’s eating habits – including Prince Charles avoiding lunch


With a team of chefs on hand, the Royal family could quite literally tuck into anything they like at meal times.

But it turns out that there are more than a few quirks when it comes to the royal palate. From not eating lunch to having four meals a day, or eating vegan during the week, our royals don’t keep things simple.

Here, we’ve rounded up some insights into their daily eating habits…

The Queen eats four meals a day

According to Darren McGrady, who was the Queen’s personal chef between 1982 and 1993, the Queen has four meals a day, but of small portions.

The former royal chef revealed this in his book, Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen, in which he stated the Queen would eat breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

The Queen reportedly eats four small meals a day
The Queen reportedly eats four small meals a day
(Image: YOUTUBE)

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Royal expert Katie Nicholl has previously said that the Queen simple cup of tea and biscuits, followed by a bowl of cereal.”

According to Darren McGrady, the Queen tucks into grilled fish at lunchtime and is also a fan of a simple grilled chicken salad.

In the late afternoon, she’ll have an afternoon tea. He explains: “She’d always have afternoon tea wherever she was in the world. We’d flown out to Australia and were on the Royal Yacht. It was five o’clock in the morning but for the Queen it was five in the afternoon so my first job was making scones.”

If the Queen didn’t enjoy a meal, she’d make a note for the staff.

“She had a little book on her desk and she would just put a note in there saying ‘I don’t want this again’ or something like that,” Darren explained.

Queen and Prince Charles carry out joint engagement as they plant tree to mark jubilee
Prince Charles confirmed he skips lunch
(Image: ANDREW MILLIGAN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Prince Charles skips lunch

The heir to the throne’s habit of not eating at lunchtime was alluded to in the latest series of The Crown, and it seems as though that particular snippet is based on fact. In a list of facts about the Prince of Wales posted on his website for his 70th birthday, Charles confirmed he doesn’t eat at lunchtime with the simple line: “The Prince does not eat lunch.”

The prince gave more insight into his diet recently when he revealed he doesn’t eat meat and has a day each week without dairy.

Speaking to the BBC, Charles explained: “For years I haven’t eaten meat and fish on two days a week and I don’t eat dairy products on one day a week.

“Now I mean that’s one way to do it – if more did that you would reduce a lot of the pressure on the environment and everything else.

“Because you see the thing about meat is very important – where does it come from, how is it grown?

“So if it’s grass-based and from the right breeds, you know if it is better quality but eaten less often – that approach to farming is less damaging than the industrialised approach with intensive everything, and causing huge pressures and damage.”

Kate Middleton's code phrases for her children have been revealed
Kate Middleton is reportedly forced to avoid pasta, but likes cooking pizza with her kids
(Image: Getty)

Kate has to avoid pasta, but loves cooking with the kids

Royal guidelines state that the family should avoid risky foods in public. Shellfish could give Kate food poisoning, and according to former palace chef Darren McGrady, carbs get the boot at dinnertime as the Queen is not a fan!

He told The Telegraph, “No potatoes, rice or pasta for dinner.”

However the Duchess has spoken about cooking comfort foods like pasta and pizza with her own children.

Speaking at an event, Kate once revealed: “I’ve done that with George and Charlotte—making pizza dough.

“They love it because they can get their hands messy.”

Meghan's work is 'more Hillary Clinton than Mother Teresa'
Meghan keeps things healthy during the week and eats a vegan diet
(Image: Gotham/GC Images)

Meghan’s healthy habits

According to Finding Freedom authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, Meghan Markle always starts the day off in a healthy manner.

“Her morning ritual started with a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon, followed by her favourite breakfast of steel-cut oats (usually made with almond or soy milk) with bananas and agave syrup for sweetness,” the pair write in their biography of the royal couple.

Before becoming a royal, Meghan gave an insight into her vegan routine while speaking to American publication Best Health, in 2015.

“I try to eat vegan during the week and then have a little bit more flexibility with what I dig into on the weekends,” she said.

The then Suits actress continued: “But at the same time, it’s all about balance. Because I work out the way I do, I don’t ever want to feel deprived. I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things. It’s not a diet; it’s lifestyle eating.”

When it comes to dinners, we know both Meghan and Harry are a big fan of a roasted chicken – it famously being the meal that Harry proposed over, but Meghan has also given insight in the past into the type of food she likes to whip up at home.

Speaking to Today, the Duchess once explained: “I am a big fan of Sunday suppers. Whether we’re eating lamb tagine, pot roast or a hearty soup, the idea of gathering for a hearty meal with friends and family on a Sunday makes me feel comforted,” she told Today.

“I enjoy making slow-cooked food on Sundays, like Filipino-style chicken adobo. It’s so easy—combine garlic, soy, vinegar, maybe some lemon and let the chicken swim in that sauce until it falls off the bone in a Crock-Pot”

Prince Harry proposed over a roast chicken
Prince Harry proposed over a roast chicken
(Image: Internet Unknown)

Prince Harry loves a roast

Prince Harry is such a big fan of a roast chicken, that he chose that exact meal to pop the question to Meghan over.

During their engagement interview, the Prince said that he chose a “standard typical night” to propose, which Meghan later revealed involved “roasting a chicken.”

The recipe was said to be an Ina Garten one, as Meghan has confessed herself as a fan in the past.

Meghan told Good Housekeeping in 2017: “There is nothing as delicious (or as impressive) as a perfectly roasted chicken. If you have an Ina Garten-level roasted chicken recipe, it’s a game-changer.”

Prince William was a fan of mac 'n' cheese as a kid
Prince William was a fan of mac ‘n’ cheese as a kid

Prince William loves pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese

The Duke of Cambridge is apparently a bigger fan of the Italian classic than a roast dinner, according to Darren McGrady.

Writing on his website, the former Royal chef revealed that William and Harry once swapped out a note written by their nanny to the kitchen asking for pizza rather than roast chicken. Darren said he ignored it, in the fear of getting in trouble.

The former royal chef also revealed one of the young princes’ favourite meals when he was younger was crispy skin-on chicken with mac and cheese.

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