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Kitaria Fables: Best Items To Farm In The Forest Plantation


There are lots of items that you can farm in the Forest Plantation in Kitaria Fables. Here’s a guide to which items you can snag there and their uses.

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Just like most RPGs, Kitaria Fables will have you farming items from different kinds of monsters or gathering spots in order to turn them in for quests, use in upgrades, or sell for a sweet profit. There are a number of useful items that can be farmed from the same place — the Orc Camp.

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This guide is going to cover where to find the Orc Camp, which items you can farm there, and what you’ll be needing those items for, and their sell prices.

Where To Find The Orc Camp

Kitaria Fables Killing orcs in the Forest Plantation

You’ll eventually be guided to this area as part of the storyline, but the Orc Camp is located in the Forest Plantation area. The easiest way to get there is to fast travel to the Forest Sanctuary teleport point and then take the eastern path that’s right next to the checkpoint.

There are two different types of regular Orcs in this area, as well as an Orc miniboss that wanders around. On the outskirts of the camp, you can come across other enemies too, such as Fluffies during the evening, but we’re not fussed with those for the sake of this guide.

The great thing about farming in Kitaria Fables is that if you zone out of the area and then immediately return back into it, all of the regular monsters will have respawned, making farming particularly efficient. However, minibosses require you to return to a town and then come back for them to reappear.

Worthwhile Items To Farm In The Forest Plantation

Kitaria Fables Killing orc soldiers in the Forest Plantation

There are a number of worthwhile items to farm in this area, we’re going to go over which items each type of Orc drops and then detail the uses for some of these items and their sell prices in the table further down.

Orc Drops

Enemy Item Drops
Orc Soldier
  • Ironstone
  • Raw Meat
  • Orc Token
Orc Gunner
  • Vengeful Soul
  • Coal
  • Orc Token
Orc Warrior (Miniboss)

What Each Item Is Used For

Item Use Sell Price
  • Quest item
  • Crafting material for keys
  • Crafting material for weapons
  • Crafting material for armor
15 Paw Pennies
Raw Meat
  • Crafting material for food
  • Consumable that restores 8 HP
25 Paw Pennies
Orc Token
  • Quest item
  • Crafting material for weapons
25 Paw Pennies
Vengeful Soul
  • Crafting material for elemental spheres
50 Paw Pennies
  • Quest item
  • Crafting material for accessories
63 Paw Pennies
  • Crafting material for weapons
  • Crafting material for accessories
1,000 Paw Pennies

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