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Posted on 4 October, 2021

You’ve got time. Start tonight.

With around two weeks left to go of hard lockdown (please God), we thought we’d jump on with a selection of some of our recent TV binges which, if you show true commitment and determination, you should be able cram into your viewing schedule before the gates to freedom are (partially) unlocked on Friday 15 October.

Vigil (Binge/Foxtel)

Submarines have been a huge topic in the news this month, but the only submarines we have been focussing on are the British and Russian ones circling each other off the Scottish coast.

The six-part BBC mini-series combines anti-nuclear campaigners, Scottish Police, the British Navy and Russian spies to chilling effect.

But it is the two brilliant female leads, Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie, who bring it to life. Vigil is total cliff-hanger territory, with a heady dose of claustrophobia and a finale that will make even the most flinty seaperson feel nauseous.

We almost cried when it was over we loved it so much.

Sex Education (Netflix)

Don’t let the full-frontal-nudity, graphic descriptions of sex acts or actual graphic sex acts put you off the delightful wholesomeness of this show. We’ve been waiting a long time for the third series to drop to reunite with some of the most charming cast we have ever known.

From sex therapist Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), to her wise son Otis (Asa Butterfield) and his gloriously rainbow-coloured BFF Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) the show centres on all the high school drama that takes place at Moordale.

Once you get over the complete and in-your-face nature of the sex that everyone seems to be doing, planning, regretting, recovering from, or talking about, it becomes a show about grace and courage and humanity at its most fragile.

Just probably don’t watch it with youngsters in the room unless you are ready to explain the birds and bees in graphic detail.

Nine Perfect Strangers (Amazon Prime)

Liane Moriarty has a gift for hooking us in with her tales of human failings and a knack of twisting her plots until we don’t know which way is up. All that applies with her latest drama but with the added bonus of a stellar cast and a setting that is exquisitely Australian (filmed at a luxury hideaway in Byron Bay which they pretend is somewhere in California).

Nicole Kidman is the mysterious Russian health guru Masha who runs Tranquilum House with the promise of helping people face their demons before restoring order to their frazzled minds.

Guests include Melissa McCarthy, Asher Keddie and Samara Weaving. We won’t give it away how the whole thing unfolds, but you know you probably aren’t going to be able to work any of it out until all is revealed by those clever script-writers.

L’Agence (The Parisian Agency) (Netflix)

I don’t know how much real estate porn I have watched in lockdown, and some of it (cough, Million Dollar Listings LA, cough) I would never admit to in public. But if you want to go a bit high-brow, and by that we mean you need to read the subtitles, then L’Agence is the show for you.

The Kretz family is utterly, fabulously, quintessentially French, and made up of three grown sons who have followed their parents into the real estate game (plus a younger son still in school).

I don’t know whether I love watching them all crowd around the dining table for some divine meal or other, or watching them sell exquisite designer apartments in the 4th Arrondissement more. No wait, I love it all.

Watch the trailer here

Feature image: Sex Education via

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