Martin Roberts sparks Strictly rumours after teasing upcoming ‘exciting TV news’


“So, clearly, the decision making process is not influenced by public support. I would have thought, at the very least, people would think, ‘He’s going to be a bit of a laugh.'”

Martin went on to make clear that he has to “be careful”, saying: “I’m not desperate to do it, I’m just really, really excited to. And slightly bemused by the inability to even get over the pre-hurdle hurdle.

“I am very disappointed that somebody didn’t just get on the phone and say, ‘Listen, we’ve seen what’s going on. Just to let you know, there’s a bigger picture at play here. We’ve already got somebody from something similar, or we’re trying to get a mix, but you’re on our radar. So we appreciate the enthusiasm and your desire to do the show’.

“Whether or not I ever got to go on Strictly again, it doesn’t matter, that would have meant a lot to me,” he sighed. previously contacted representatives for the BBC about Martin’s hopes to be on Strictly, but received no comment.



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