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Meet The ‘Cartel’ Family: This Fiery New Drama Has A Power-Packed Ensemble


a new mafia family in tinsel town and it’s none other than the Angre Family of
the fiery new crime drama – Cartel. This series is a battle for power in the
maximum city of Mumbai.

loyalty, no familial ties – the only person who matters is the one with the
power. Set in Mumbai, the show traces the lives of 5 gangs who fight to become
the most powerful rulers of the city. And at the helm of all this power is a
coldblooded matriarch of the successful Angre family- Rani Maai.

go out of hand when Rani Maai is shot and her three sons – Abhay, Major Bhau,
and Madhu Bhau – scramble to take charge and seek revenge from the other gang
leaders to rule over Mumbai.

an intriguing premise, a mystery (who shot Rani Maai?), and a relentless battle
for power, 
Cartel makes
an entertaining binge-watch. 

what really takes the cake is the talented and power-packed ensemble cast that
thrives in every scene. Here’s introducing you to them:

Pathak as Rani Maai

Cartel on MX Player, Mafia drama, Supriya Pathak
MX Player

actress Supriya Pathak is a powerhouse of talent. Whether it is comedy or
drama, she switches gears with such panache that’ll you be left in awe of her
exceptional talent. 

In Cartel, she dons the
role of the fierce Rani Maai, the matriarch of the powerful Angre family. She
holds all the power, that is until she is unexpectedly shot by an enemy (or
maybe one of her own?). 

her look to the dialect, everything will remind you of the coldblooded women of
the underworld.  

as Abhay

Cartel on MX Player, Mafia drama, Rithvik Dhanjani
MX Player

Television favourite heartthrob RithvikDhanjani goes for a complete makeover as Abhay
He is Rani Maai’s biological son, the rightful heir to the throne but this
power struggle is not so easy for him. 

say power can make you blind to a fault and this is the genesis of this show.
It’s been an adventure stepping into the shoes of Abhay, whose lust for power
surpasses all blood ties, unloyalty seeps in and he believes that as Rani
Maai’s biological son, the baton should be passed down to him”, says Rithvik.

Virwani as Major Bhau

Cartel on MX Player, Mafia drama, Ekta kapoor
MX Player

Major Bhau, Abhay’s step-brother and Rani Maai’s second son. The power dynamics
in the Angre family are shaken the very moment Rani Maai is taken out of the

frustrated, and vengeful, Major Bhau is ready for a change in the power play.
Actor Tanuj Virwani plays the character with conviction. 

Cartel highlights
the power dynamics between multiple gangs and a close-knit family of three
brothers who grew up as part of a criminal family. This one promises a heady
mélange of engaging twists, turns, tactics, deceit, manipulation, action, and a
lot of drama in store for the audience” says Tanuj.

Joshi as Madhu Bhau

Cartel on MX Player, Mafia drama, Ekta kapoor
MX Player

character is layered with different emotions and struggles. Actor Jitendra
Joshi portrays the complex character of Madhu Bhau with ease. 

show is a story of power and revenge, and how the greed for power can change
the dynamics of a relationship even amongst your most loved ones and family.
We’ve all made a sincere effort at portraying these nuanced characters on
screen and I hope the audiences love watching these portrayals,” Joshi said.

list of talented ensembles does not end here.

show has a stellar cast comprising Pranati Rai Prakash, Divya Agarwal, Girija
Oak Godbole, AmeyWagh, Monica Dogra, Vikram Kochhar, Vibhav Roy, Tannishtha
Chatterjee, SanayaPithawala, Mayur More, Mrinal Dutt, Krishna Kaul, Aditi
Vasudev, Keval Dasani, Kannan Arunachalam, Sushrii Mishra and Anil George,
amongst the 137 actors on the show.

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