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The Surface Go 3 is the latest entry-level member of Microsoft’s PC lineup, packing a full Windows 11 experience into a small tablet that can also transform into a laptop. But while the Go 3 is the cheapest Surface with a starting price of $399, it’s not necessarily a great value.

This tablet has a nice screen, a decent webcam and solid battery life, but its affordable price tag comes at the expense of some occasionally sluggish performance. And if you choose to upgrade it with a better processor and the keyboard necessary to make the Go 3 usable as a laptop, you’re veering into the same price ballpark as a premium notebook.

So who is the Surface Go 3 actually for? We spent nearly a week working, chatting and playing on Microsoft’s tiny 2-in-1 to figure out just that.

A super-portable Windows 2-in-1

The Microsoft Surface Go 3 packs a full Windows experience into a highly portable design, but its bogged down by subpar performance and pricey add-ons.

Who it’s for: The Surface Go 3 is for someone who wants the portability of an iPad with the flexibility of a Windows 11 computer, and mostly needs something for web surfing and light work tasks.

What you need to know: The Go 3 is the smallest and cheapest member of the Surface family, with a lightweight tablet design that can transform into a mini laptop if you pick up a $129 Type Cover while also supporting the $99 Surface Pen for note-taking. It’s also one of the first devices to ship with Windows 11, which delivers a cleaner visual style and some handy new features for better multitasking and navigation.

How it compares: Microsoft’s mini Surface works well enough for everyday tasks, but it can slow down under a heavy load and isn’t quite as fast as the cheaper $329 iPad or the similarly priced $499 iPad Mini. If you’re willing to pay a little extra or prefer Android, the $649 Galaxy Tab S7 also offers stronger performance. The Go 3 has a great optional keyboard, a good webcam and decent battery life, but Apple’s and Samsung’s tablets last significantly longer on a charge.

Mike Andronico/CNN

The Surface Go 3 doesn’t change much from previous generations in terms of design. It’s still a basic-looking 10-inch-wide tablet, with a built-in kickstand you can use to prop it up at various angles and a magnetic connector at the bottom that allows it to easily snap onto Microsoft’s various Type Cover keyboards.

There’s nothing fancy about this affordable PC, but its aluminum design feels sturdy and solid, and we like how little space it takes up in our bag. The Go 3 is pretty light on ports, with just a USB-C connection for accessories and adapters, a Surface Connect port for charging and a microSD slot tucked behind the kickstand. But hey, at least it has a headphone jack! That’s not something you can say about the new iPad Mini.

As with most other Surface products, you’ll need to connect one of Microsoft’s Type Cover keyboards to use the Go 3 as a proper laptop. The bad news is that they’re sold separately, starting at $99. The good news is that these keyboards are mostly great.

Mike Andronico/CNN

The Surface Go Type Cover’s keys are satisfyingly deep and snappy, and we were happy to crunch away at work on them for hours at a time. We did find the keys to be a little small and crowded for our liking compared to the bigger Type Covers for the Surface Pro range. And like on other detachable Surface devices, the Go 3 works better on a desk (or other hard surface) than on your lap, as its top-heavy design can make it wobble when you’re using it on the latter.

Our Surface Go 3 shipped with a $129 Type Cover, which has the same attractive Ice Blue color and soft Alcantara fabric that we loved on the Surface Laptop 4. On top of adding a proper keyboard (and some extra style) to your Surface Go 3, these Type Covers also protect the device’s screen when they’re folded up, and we’d say they’re all but a necessity if you plan on picking this PC up. Fortunately, those upgrading from a previous Surface Go will be able to use their existing Type Cover.

Mike Andronico/CNN

The Surface Go 3 has a pretty nice-looking display with plenty of color and detail, but those chunky display bezels are starting to show their age — especially compared to the more immersive screen on the new Surface Pro 8.

Still, the tablet’s 10.5-inch, 1920 x 1280 display produced some strong colors, which was especially evident when we flipped through the vibrant blues, purples and yellows of Windows 11’s new desktop backgrounds. In the trailer for Marvel’s “Shang-Chi,” the film’s special effects popped and skin tones looked accurate, though we wish everything were just a little bit brighter.

We also like that the Go 3 retains Microsoft’s usual 3:2 aspect ratio, which results in a screen that’s a little bit taller than what you’ll see on similar devices and allows you to, say, see more of a spreadsheet or webpage without scrolling. It’s also a Gorilla Glass 3 display, which means it’s designed to withstand scratches or basic drops — though we’d still recommend getting a Type Cover.

Mike Andronico/CNN

The Go 3’s screen was also reliable for drawing and note-taking once we whipped out our Surface Pen ($99; Our sloppy handwriting came through accurately on the tablet’s display, which made doodling in Paint and jotting down lists in Sticky Notes feel natural and responsive. We could even use our own handwriting to search for apps in the Start menu, which worked pretty reliably in our testing. And like on other Surface products, the Pen was easy to magnetically snap onto the side of the display once we were done sketching.

Thanks to some decent stereo speakers, the Go 3 is a reliable companion for binge-watching shows or casually listening to tunes. While it doesn’t get awfully loud, this 2-in-1 delivered satisfyingly crunchy sound when jamming to our favorite pop-punk tracks, and made dialogue easy to hear when watching movie clips.

We had no problem hearing a colleague during a work call, and while the Go 3’s microphones sounded a bit fuzzy in our voice recordings, they still allowed us to be heard clearly during a long meeting.

Mike Andronico/CNN

The Surface Go 3 mostly held up fine for our daily workflow, which consists of jumping between various Google Docs and other Chrome tabs while checking in on emails, Slack messages and Discord chats. However, the limits of our review unit’s modest Intel Core i3 processor and 8GB of RAM showed themselves pretty quickly, and we wouldn’t recommend this machine for anyone who needs to do anything more than basic web surfing, video streaming and light work tasks like email and word processing.

Microsoft’s tiny 2-in-1 slowed down for us on multiple occasions, particularly when it came to multitasking. Slack started moving glacially slow while we installed a program in the background, taking seconds to simply switch between different chats. There was also some occasional sluggishness when opening apps or swiping up to go into multitasking mode.

The majority of our work time with the Go 3 was fairly smooth, but there were just enough of these frustrating…


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