Mouni Roy on the festive food she loves to binge on! – Times of India


Through the pandemic, Mouni Roy had parked herself abroad for a long time. With her being back to the country, the actress is sinking into every bit of the festivities. In times of the festive season, Mouni opens up about the traditional food she loves to gorge upon keeping her diet at bay.

She says, “Food is one of the most important part of festivities.” With the last festival being Durga Puja, Mouni says she loves to binge on traditional Bengali cuisine. “Usually during the four days of Pujo we have satvik food. I love having mom-made khichadi, labra, different kinds of sabzis she makes and of course mishtanno which is kheer, and also different kinds of mithai at home,” she says. Ask her about her culinary skills and she adds, “Well, I am not a great cook, but I can make khichadi and labra.”

While this year she celebrated Durga Puja at her Mumbai home, she missed doing it last year. “I missed spending time with my family. I missed having the bhog. With all the restrictions in place I could not be a part of celebrations and so I just prayed from my heart.”

The actress who’s a lot into spirituality feels connected to Maa Durga. She says, “Durga Puja has been an integral part of all our functions. I have grown up watching it and it makes me feel connected to Maa Durga. There’s a popular saying in Bengalis which goes – baro mashe tero parbon – which means we have 13 festivals in 12 months, but Durga Puja is the most important one back home.”


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