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My Unorthodox Life: Robert’s 10 Best Looks From The Netflix Series


Robert Brotherton is the Chief Operation Officer of Elite World Group. His position at the company and his friendship with the CEO, Julia Haart, are a huge part of Netflix’s newest obsession, My Unorthodox LifeMy Unorthodox Life focuses on the life of Haart and her family as they enjoy a newer life in New York City after leaving the Orthodox religion in the Haredi community.

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Brotherton is shown throughout the series as Haart’s righthand man and a brother of sorts to Haart’s children. With season 2 recently being announced, the series is bound to be one of Netflix’s best mini-series. Brotherton’s warm personality is commendable but it’s his amazing fashion sense that should be noted. From blazers to turtlenecks, Brotherton is impeccably dressed.

10 Episode 1: Robert’s Grand Introduction

Robert Brotherton in a confessional wearing a leopard jacket in My Unorthodox Life

My Unorthodox Life is bound to become one of Netflix’s highest-rated original series because of its delicate balance between religion, luxury, fashion, and business. Brotherton is an important part of the show as he shows fans all aspects of his life. From his backstory of growing up in the South to his relationship with Haart’s family, Brotherton doesn’t hold back.

When viewers are first introduced to Brotherton, he’s wearing a blue leopard print blazer, a black sweater, and his iconic glasses. As his first confessional in the show, Brotherton made his classic style known with this look.

9 Episode 2: Chic In Burgundy

A split image of Robert and julia in a confessional talking about her book in My Unorthodox Life

My Unorthodox Life has a ton of inspirational moments in a short nine episodes. Brotherton inspires viewers as he goes about transforming his life in all areas. And with his boss and best friend, Julia Haart, by his side, Brotherton is unstoppable.

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In the second episode, it was revealed that Haart was working on her memoir with Brotherton by her side. While talking about her controversial memorial, Brotherton wore this incredibly flattering burgundy blazer that had just enough shine to make him stand out.

8 Episode 2: Casual & Tropical For The Hamptons

Robert arrives to the Hamptons in a tropical shirt on My Unorthodox Life

In the second episode, Brotherton joined the Haarts as they vacationed in the Hamptons for the weekend. Haart used this weekend as a chance to tell her children about her memoir, which was bound to be controversial because she didn’t hold back when talking about her former religion and the upbringing of her children. Between the iconic fashion moments and the family drama, this is one short Netflix series that fans can binge on a weekend.

Nevertheless, when Brotherton arrived, he looked Hamptons appropriate in white pants, an olive green t-shirt, and a banana leaf button-down that tied his look together. He looked both fashionable and relaxed for a weekend getaway.

7 Episode 5: A Funeral For His Former Self

A split image of Robert Brotherton entering his own funeral on My Unorthodox Life


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