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Netflix, Amazon, Stan, Disney+ and more: Everything new to streaming in November


From raucous comedies to Oscar-bait movies, there’s something for everyone in November’s streaming releases.

Never mind the new Bond and Marvel movies were pushed to next year, your November entertainment options are still plentiful.

Here are the highlights of new TV shows and movies coming to a streaming platform near you (ie. your house), while the full lists are below.

The Crown (Netflix, November 15): The jewel in the November streaming crown, as it were, the fourth season returns this month with the event everyone has been waiting for – the wedding and eventual disintegration of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. There will be slick production values, incredible costumes and Gillian Anderson wearing Margaret Thatcher’s iconic coiffure.

Uncle Frank (Amazon Prime, November 25): From the creator of Six Feet Under and True Blood Alan Ball, Uncle Frank is a 1970s-set movie about a closeted gay man who is forced to confront his family, and his niece who can’t relate to anyone else in their extended brood except him. It stars Paul Bettany, Sophia Lillis, Judy Greer, Steve Zahn and Margo Martindale.

His Dark Materials S2 (Binge/Foxtel Now*, November 17): Among HBO’s slate of ambitious, expensive productions is sprawling fantasy epic His Dark Materials, adapted from Philip Pullman’s book series. With multiple dimensions, human souls manifested within animal companions and a journey to find a missing friend, it’s an involving series starring Logan’s Dafne Keen alongside Ruth Wilson and James McAvoy. Returning for the second season this month.

I Am Greta (DocPlay, November 14): She may be the devil incarnate to some more climate-denying elements of the political establishment but there’s no denying the effect this Swedish teen has had on her peers around the world. This documentary captures Greta Thunberg’s whirlwind couple of years from nobody to global crusader, and may even inspire you in the process.

We Are Who We Are S1 (SBS On Demand, November 3): Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino plunges into TV with this handsomely shot and moody miniseries about young people growing up at an American military base in Italy. It’s a story of discovery, identity and acceptance, starring Chloe Sevigny, Kid Cudi, Jack Dylan Grazer and newcomer Jordan Kristine Seamon.

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Betty S1 (Binge/Foxtel Now, November 6): More a mood piece than a narrative-driven story, this six-part series explores the world of young female skateboarders in New York. The actors are playing fictional versions of themselves after filmmaker Crystal Moselle met them on a train in Brooklyn. Betty showcases a different aspect of New York, one you can’t see from the Empire State Building.

7 Up to 63 Up (SBS On Demand, November 1): In 1964, a documentary crew followed 14 seven-year-olds, capturing the different socio-economic lives of British families, and it’s been checking back in with them every seven years, a revealing look at how their starts in life has gone on to shape the adults they became, even as they moved around the world. It’s a fascinating, anthropological portrait and now all the films (the most recent was made in 2019) are available to stream.

Inside Pixar (Disney+, November 13): This docuseries will explore the hallowed halls of one of the most successful and imaginative animation studios in the world, Pixar. It will showcase the artists behind some beloved stories, giving insight into the culture that drives films such as Toy Story, Coco, WALL-E and Monsters Inc. Mandatory viewing for Pixar fanatics.

Sequin in a Blue Room (Amazon Prime, November 27): A visceral and emotionally charged coming-of-age queer story, this Australian film had a successful festival run before a limited theatrical release. Its streaming debut means a wider audience will get to experience its tale of a 16-year-old teen trying to track down a mysterious hook-up through the world of anonymous apps.

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Spread the Word (Disney+, November 6): A partnership between Disney, Media Farm and First Languages Australia, Spread the Word is a short-form series that dives into the 300 Indigenous languages around Australia. It reveals there are words in the various languages that have no correlation in English, and they evoke something different about this magnificent land.

Rectify S1-4 (Stan, November 27): One of the most underrated shows in recent years, this sombre and smart drama follows a man who returns to his small town after serving many years on death row for the rape and murder of his then-teenage girlfriend. Even though his sentence was overturned, many people in town are holding onto to old grudges. Stars Aden Young and Abigail Spencer.

Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun (Netflix, November 11): This is a six-part Australian comedy series from local sketch group Aunty Donna. Produced by Ed Helms and starring the Aunty Donna onscreen trio of Mark Bonanno, Broden Kelly and Zachary Ruane, the trailer hinted at a lot of surrealist gags and shenanigans. Guest stars include Helms, Kristen Schaal and Weird Al Yankovic.

The Pack S1 (Amazon Prime, November 25): The Pack is the show you didn’t know you needed until you start watching it, even though the concept sounds so dumb. It’s essentially The Amazing Race but with dogs, as canines and their human companions compete in challenges around the world to win $500,000. The adorable critters are surpassed only by the production’s wildly expensive budget.

The Flight Attendant (Binge/Foxtel Now, November 26): Based on a 2018 thriller novel, this TV adaptation is produced by and stars Kaley Cuoco. She plays a flight attendant who wakes up next to a dead body in Bangkok with no memory of how it could’ve happened. She leaves the body and boards her flight home to New York but there’s no leaving behind this mystery. For fans of The Sinner.

Gangs of London S1 (Stan, November 6): The promise is in the title – this is a gangster story set in London. Centred on the Wallaces, the action kicks off when the patriarch is murdered, and the loose coalition of rivals are disbanded by a vengeful son who wants blood in retribution. The violence is copious, the men are mean and the pacing is fast.

Addicted Australia S1 (SBS On Demand, November 10): A docuseries that follows 10 Australians and their families through a six-month addiction program as they confront their substance abuse. It promises to be an intimate and probing look at the process in an effort to address stigmas and stereotypes, while urging the one in 20 Australians going through something similar to seek help.

Moonbase 8 S1 (Stan, November 8): There’s been a lot of space shows recently (Space Force, Away) so here’s another. This comedy stars Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker and John C. Reilly as a group of NASA almost-astronauts who are trying to prove themselves worthy of a real mission during a simulation. It looks silly and loose, so expect gags like spit-takes about drinking water recycled from wee.

Hillbilly Elegy (Netflix, November 24): Hillbilly Elegy has Oscar buzz written all over it thanks to its heavyweight cast of Glenn Close and Amy Adams. Set in the Appalachian Mountains in the US, it’s said to be an exploration of what the American Dream means to three generations of the same family.

Vox Lux (SBS On Demand, November 11): A sometimes maddening and sometimes brilliant but always confronting evisceration of the fame machine through the story of a fictional international pop star whose career was forged in the ashes of a national tragedy. It stars Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Raffey Cassidy.

Marvel’s 616 (Disney+, November 20): It’s definitely a massive marketing exercise but this eight-part docuseries that explores the world of Marvel comics, its creators and its fandom will…


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