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Nutritionist explains the amazing benefits of sprouts


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and rightly so. After hours of overnight fasting, breakfast gives us a boost of energy. Thus, it is essential that your breakfast is packed with all the essential nutrients. As such, we are often told to include a bowl of sprouts in our diet, especially for breakfast. It is not just a delicious food option but also a healthier alternative.

A bowl of sprouts can be your guilt-free binge whenever you experience hunger pangs. You can always go creative with sprouts to add more flavours without compromising your health. Nutritionist Shonali Sabherwal elaborated upon the various benefits of sprouts and why you should eat them.

“While beans have their own energy and live foods have another whole gamut of energies, sprouts on a physical level are richer in protein and have a higher enzyme activity; they are beneficial for you in every way,” she said in an Instagram post.

Why are sprouts healthy?

The nutritionist listed out the following health benefits of sprouts.

*Already pre-digested
*Bioavailability increases vitamins and minerals
*Higher level of protein
*Reduces the cooking time of the bean itself
*Reduces cholesterol
*Cleanses the body
*Improves digestion

She, further, suggested to “try cooking them by boiling and steaming first”.

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