OPINION: If You’re in Need of A Show to Binge, Wife Swap is Up Your Alley


If you have happened to look at TikTok lately, there’s been a resurgence of videos about ABC’s late reality tv show, “Wife Swap.” For its nine years of running, it was a reality show unlike any other. Two unlikely families, picked specifically for their differences, would have their wives “swap” places, thus the name Wife Swap. For two weeks, the wives from each family would spend time in their new environment, interacting with the home, the children, and the new husband they were introduced to.  

Doesn’t sound too interesting? Well, there’s a catch. The first week is spent obeying the rules set down by the former wife of the house. For the second week however, the new wife implements her own rules, expecting the husband and children of her new family to obey. Still not interesting enough? Well, let me tell you- these families are BIZARRE. It’s unsure of what hole Paramount Studios had to dig up to find some of these people, but they did their job well.  

At first, I too, was a non-believer. Never being super interested in reality tv, I remember a couple friends talking about the show when I was in middle school. The concept never seemed particularly unique to me, so I shrugged it off.  

But now, at the age of 21, as I have been enlightened by the knowledge of my years, I now see that eleven-year-old me was sleeping on a hidden gem of television. My god, was she wrong about her previous thoughts. This show has been responsible for why I’ve been up until two am the previous few nights. It is binge-worthy, it is cringy, it is even controversial, but above all, it is entertaining.  

These videos popped up on my page from the TikTok user, @watchbrejanee, who has started uploading memorable clips from each episode for the public’s enjoyment and often, bewilderment. My personal favorite is that of Season 3, episode 16. In the episode, we’re introduced to the Haigwoods, a family obsessed with the idea of living off their own land, sustaining a raw-meat diet while they prepare for the inevitable apocalypse. Yes, you heard me right. Raw meat. Not only this, but the family refuses to clean their house, deeming bacteria and grime a necessity. 

They were paired with the Hess-Web family, a family from the city who prioritize education, art, and literature. I won’t spoil too much, but let’s just say the results were catastrophic. Throughout the series, the show manages to pull up the strangest combinations of families, leading to questions and even stand-offs regarding race, gender, and politics. This show is entertaining for all mature ages, so whether you’re looking for a show to entertain your dorm buddies, or something for the family to gasp at, Wife Swap is up your alley.  

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