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Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 32 Kilos, Reversed my Diabetes by Eating Dark


Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: At some point in life, you may have tried to lose weight but after much effort and saying no to your favourite foods, the number on the scale didn’t seem to budge. Similar was the case with Prachi Zalani, a marketing specialist who tried almost everything including Zumba, Aerobics, and even homoeopathy to manage her weight. With determination and discipline and after getting diagnosed with PCOS, Prachi was able to shed 32 kilos in a span of 11 months and reversed her PCOS and diabetes. Her story is inspiring and shall motivate you to stick to your diet and workout regime. Here’s her real story:Also Read – Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: With No Exercise, And PCOS, Khyati Rupani Loses 40 Kilos

Weight Loss And Transformation Story: My journey with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) may have begun long before I knew it. In my case, I had irregular periods and high levels of androgen shown both in my blood tests and excessive body and facial hair (hirsutism): Phenotype B. The 10 June 2020 marked 5 years since I discovered that my body wasn’t really doing very efficiently what it’s supposed to do in the first place. But who am I to blame my body when every choice was mine in the first place? Also Read – Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Was 104 Kg, A Visit To Daughter’s School Changed Everything

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 32 Kilos in 11 Months And Reversed My PCOS And Diabetes

Prachi Zalani lost 32 kilos in 11 months

I was advised to visit a Gynaecologist the day I realised I had PCOS and of course, was prescribed pills to help balance out my hormones. To bring to notice, none of them actually helped, and over these years, I did try all that I could – be it exercising, Zumba, Aerobics even having a homeopathy treatment to aid this and manage my weight. But sadly, this never showed any change in my body. I had never gained much weight but yes one could easily tell I was overweight all these years. Also Read – Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 35 Kgs in 18 Months by Quitting Rice And Chapati

It was the pandemic that made me realise that I had gained a lot of weight especially due to the lockdown. I started realising that none of my clothes fit me and I was not happy with my body – both physically and mentally.

This amazing journey started last year in June 2020 where I felt nothing was going in the right direction. I made up my mind that I have to focus on my health; both mental and physical. Since then, I have never looked back. The journey was no doubt difficult and needed focus, determination, and passion. It was an empowering journey for me and yes, I have felt great. I have lost 32 kgs in the last 11 months and I am now more confident and happier. Today I am free from PCOS, diabetes and am actually living a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss And Will Power to Reach The Target: The only fact is that even if this doesn’t work out, I am not going to lose anything in life. I thought this experience – if not anything, will be a valuable lesson and something will surely come out of it. I have been lucky enough to have a boyfriend who had never complained about the way I look. It was my own will and determination that led me to take this decision of changing my unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one. I always used to look at transformational stories of people who would have lost weight and used to think,’ will I ever be able to achieve the same.’ With the pandemic, I feel this came as a blessing in disguise that I realised that now is the time I need to invest in myself. Pandemic has taught us all so many things in life, similarly, it taught me the importance of having a healthy mind, soul and body.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 32 Kilos in 11 Months And Reversed My PCOS And Diabetes

Prachi Zalani weight loss journey is incredible

When I first figured out that my ideal weight requires me to shed 30 Kgs, I had mixed feelings. I was faced with something so unfamiliar to me, a sudden awareness of my ‘feelings’. I think this was the first time I was paying attention to them because, after years of ignoring them, they were suddenly waving their hands in front of my face. I couldn’t put a finger on it, was it depression? Was it anxiety? Was it something new altogether? What I’d like to call the most teary-eyed phase of my life turned out to be a turning point for me.

Some days were tougher than others, where I needed a support system, friends and family to help pull me out of the black holes I’d find myself in. Some days were easier, I pulled my own socks up, and decided to do it all myself.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 32 Kilos in 11 Months And Reversed My PCOS And Diabetes

Prachi Zalani’s weight loss story

And trust me when I say this, I have never felt more active, more positive, more energetic, so much healthier, I would sleep better and wake up fresh, I could focus better and be more productive.

Weight Loss And Diet: My approach towards my diet was to make it sustainable for the long run. I don’t believe in fad diets and hence I made sure the diet was customised according to my needs.

  • My breakfast included eggs (be it boiled eggs, omelet, Bhurji) I was never afraid of adding good carbs to my diet (Such as Ghee, butter, cheese). I would also sometimes have coconut water or watermelon along with eggs.
  • My mid-morning meal consisted of handful of soaked almonds, pistachios, blueberries, cranberries, walnuts and seeds (Sunflower, watermelon). This helped me in keeping my stomach full till lunch while avoiding binge junk eating
  • Lunch used to consist of Salads, Roti (I avoided wheat altogether) Roti were made out of Bajra, Jowar or multigrain. I used to ensure to include green vegetables in my lunch. And ensured to include probiotics like curd, yogurt or buttermilk as well to help me strengthen my gut.
  • Dinner used to include a lot of pulses and grains which would help in achieving my protein intake. I never tries to eat less – the mantra was to eat right not to eat less.
  • Post dinner if I craved for dessert, I would make these homemade sugar free chocolate balls which I would have, or a date (covered in dark chocolate) was enough to substitute my craving.

Overall, I ensured to include lots of protein and good carbs in my diet. Good water intake and sleep also played an important role in shaping my fitness journey.

My cheat day was like: To be very honest, I never felt during my entire journey for a need to have a cheat day. The process was so smooth, and I loved each meal. No doubt, there were days where I missed eating junk food items like that cheesy pizza made of refined flour. But one thing I learned is – everything you want can be made by you in your kitchen with all those easily available ingredients. If I craved a pizza, I made a homemade one and trust me it was more delicious than any other regular pizza.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 32 Kilos in 11 Months And Reversed My PCOS And Diabetes

Prachi Zalani

Foods I quit to Lose Weight: The following list of items was avoided not to lose just weight but to ensure I feed my body and soul the right things:

  • Refined flour and any item made of the same
  • Sugar
  • Desserts
  • Refined oil
  • Packaged foods (anything that comes in a packet has to be avoided)
  • Junk food (goes without saying)

Trust me when I say this- each of them has a healthy substitute which you can adopt in your diet to feed your body and mind the right source.

Weight Loss and Workout: Many don’t believe me when I say this but during the initial months of my fitness journey, I didn’t even work out. It was all about having the right quality of food and making my body accustomed to this newer lifestyle. Later I started a 20-minute workout which was a mix of cardio and High-intensity interval training. This worked wonders for me – not only I saw an increase in my overall energy levels, but I felt great the whole day. This was like a stress buster activity for me.

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 32 Kilos in 11 Months And Reversed My PCOS And Diabetes

Prachi Zalani

Now after losing what was stuck with me since forever, I have realised my fondness for fitness and hence have recently started weight training as well to shape my body and tone my muscles a bit. This is just for increasing my strength and endurance and not to loose anymore weight!

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