Resul Pookutty’s Samanantar, An Anthology Of Four Stories Set In Bihar, Is A Tribute To


Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty is all set to release Samanantar, an anthology of four stories set in Bihar – directed by the talented Niraj Mishra.

Says Resul, “When I read Niraj Mishra’s script I was completely bowled over. I had to produce this anthology. It is my tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput. It breaks the stereotypical image of Bihar and Biharis.”

Samanantar comes from Hindi and Sanskrit language. It means ‘the parallel’, and metaphorically, that’s what this film is all about – how the unknown force of the parallel realm starts manifesting once humans breach all the limits through their evil and immoral actions.

Says director Niraj Mishra, “It’s a philosophical-cum-supernatural anthology of four hard-hitting stories, totally different in nature, but entangled together with common philosophies of life and ‘KARMA’.Through four different stories we tried to explore the response of nature to the bad KARMAs created by us, human beings. Sometimes lies, greed, lust, anger, selfishness, ego, etc. start driving our lives to an extent that we become blind and cross all the limits of conscience, ethics and morality, and then an unknown force of nature intervenes as an equalizer. It’s a unique and experimental combination of philosophies of life and karma along with the supernatural elements, and then the mystical response to it.”

The film also deals with serious social issues like child rape, extreme psychological impact of unemployment, insatiable greed and lies, behavioural irresponsibility out of extreme anger – an indirect but very strong message to the contemporary and morally corrupt society.

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