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Sarah Ferguson health: ‘I found consolidation in sausages’ – signs of emotional eating


Once admitting that life in the monarchy was “not a fairytale,” Fergie has since made quite the name for herself in the public eye. A keen author she has released over 77 books altogether, including her debut fictional novel Her Heart for a Compass which was released on August 3.

The Lady Margaret that she mentions not only is the protagonist in her new novel but is also based on her real-life ancestor Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott.

In the past, the Duchess has never shied away from speaking about her mental health battle.

She pinpointed September 1988 as the changing point from her unbelievable happiness to something quite the opposite.

The tabloids had a field day when the royal couple left six week old Princess Eugenie to attend a royal tour of Australia.


Commenting on the bad press she received, she told Hello!: “Every time somebody said something nasty, I believed it, because I was so sensitive and insecure and so I couldn’t come to terms with who this person was.”

In the Duchess’ own words she said that her problem was that she: “chose food as [her] friend and put [her] life in a little box in the corner.”

In fact this sort of reliance on food has been going on since she was a child.

Used as a coping mechanism, she found “consolidation in sausages and egg mayonnaise sandwiches,” especially when her parents filed for divorce when she was 12.

Becoming an unhealthy weight can then lead to a whole host of other disorders such as heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger is that the latter comes on suddenly and individuals may binge eat.

Physical hunger develops slowly over time and the majority of people stop when they are full.

The Duchess has managed to overcome her eating disorder through seeking therapy for the past 27 years.



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