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Showtrial: How many episodes and are they on BBC iPlayer?


Not enough hours in the day?

I’m afraid we can’t help on that one, but we can make sure a handful more are accounted for by recommending some more TV.

As the year approaches a close we have a wealth of great shows to look back on. But, of course, it’s not over yet and there are still plenty more series you can’t afford to miss out on.

One of the latest is Showtrial, a British legal drama created by Ben Richards and starring the likes of Tracy Ifeachor and Celine Buckens.

It began premiering on Halloween night and audiences have already found themselves thoroughly hooked. If you’re in the same boat or have simply heard friends raving about it, you’ll want to know when it’s on the box.

So, how many episodes of Showtrial are there, and are they all streaming on BBC iPlayer?

still from Showtrial trailer, BBC, World Productions

How many episodes of Showtrial are there?

The series Showtrial is made up of five episodes in total.

Installments are set to air weekly on BBC One every Sunday at 9 pm until November 28th, 2021.

However, if you’re eager to binge the entire series instead, you’ll be thrilled to learn that all episodes are currently available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

If you haven’t started it just yet, here’s what to expect. We find Talitha Campbell, the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur who is arrested in the wake of a student’s disappearance, Hannah Ellis.

When Talitha is taken in, we are given the opportunity to chronicle the intriguing case. Is she falsely accused or does her involvement run much deeper?

It’s a compelling whodunnit that will keep viewers curious until the very end, whether you’re binging all episodes in a row or checking in weekly.

Showtrial | Trailer | BBC



Showtrial | Trailer | BBC






“It is so nice to see…”

While in conversation with Stylist, Tracy Ifeachor (who plays Cleo Roberts) was asked what makes Showtrial so special amidst a landscape of surrounding legal dramas:

“It is so nice to see crime, the prosecution, the gathering of evidence, the trial, everything from a female-led perspective. Also, the point of view of a solicitor advocate, someone that we don’t usually see on screen. It makes this drama even more unique and special.”

However, she added: “But it also still has the same things that we love: the courtroom, the tension, the drama and the relationships.

Showtrial BBC One schedule

Just to make sure nobody misses out, here is the upcoming episode schedule for Showtrial:

  • Episode 1: Sunday, October 31st 2021 on BBC One at 9 pm
  • Episode 2: Sunday, November 7th on BBC One at 9 pm
  • Episode 3: Sunday, November 14th on BBC One at 9 pm
  • Episode 4: Sunday, November 21st on BBC One at 9 pm
  • Episode 5: Sunday, November 28th on BBC One at 9 pm

Did Talitha do it? Well there’s only one way to find out. Enjoy!

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