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Stealth Action Shooter Intravenous Coming to Steam July 26


Developer Roman Glebenkov is back with a new retro title to add to his résumé. By mixing stealth-action with top-down shooting, the new Intravenous project is something for fans of his work to look forward to.

Intravenous – A Pixelated Revenge Tale

Intravenous follows the vengeful path of Steve Robbins, aiming to seek out blood for his fallen brother. The targets are worthless junkies living in filth within the dank underworld of crime. Whether you choose to go in guns blazing or full-on Sam Fisher, your brother’s death will not be in vain. The reveal trailer shows our hero taking out his targets in glorious stylized pixel art.

Stealth-action plays a major role in Intravenous‘ gameplay. As you stick to the shadows and mess with lit environments, pulling a sneaky on an enemy is a welcoming gesture. But be warned: the game is equipped with intelligent AI that actively reacts to your every move. A dead body will equal tighter security; an intense gunfight will trigger their actions to get into cover; if they’re losing the battle, they might cower away to only return with reinforcements.

In addition to the enemies and environments, Steve Robbins can also be uniquely sly. He can shoot out lights to hide in the dark, crawl through vents, lockpick doors, and whisper to lure a foe into his trap. But as aforementioned, how you play is up to you. You can go in loud and loaded with a bulletproof vest and a machine gun or silent with a pistol to get in and get the hell out. You will have plenty of weapons to choose from, as well, so expect to see yourself coming back to an area to see how things might have turned out differently.

Intravenous Roman Glebenkov indie game

Release Date

Intravenous is a love letter to classic stealth-action games, particularly the Splinter Cell series. Its development comes from indie creator Roman Glebenkov with publishing by Too Indie To Fail. It will launch on PC via Steam later this month, on July 26, 2021. You can add it to your wishlist here.

Is Intravenous ringing any Hotline Miami vibes for you? Are you thinking of enacting vengeance with this new stealth-action game? Let me know in the comments below!


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