[ad_1] Popular show “Squid Game” has conquered 94 countries and counting with its tracksuits and bleak message of social inequality, spawning hundreds of memes in the process and becoming the anti-“Ted Lasso.” Within a month of its mid-September debut, it overtook steamy Regency romance “Bridgerton” as Netflix’s most-watched series ever. That people gravitate toward dystopian
[ad_1] How much would you be willing to give in order to settle your debts? Your life? Someone else’s? These are the questions posed by Hwang Dong-hyuk’s outrageous survival drama Squid Game, which premiered on Netflix back in September. The latest addition to what has been coined the ‘death game genre,’ Squid Game follows the
[ad_1] Mental-health experts aren’t fully sold on digital wellness tools.TRU LUV In 2019, Brie Code was working at leading video game company Ubisoft as lead artificial intelligence programmer when she realized that many people she knew – about half, by her estimation – found video games boring. “When I was digging into it, I discovered