[ad_1] The festive season brings delicious food, sweet and positive vibes. Who doesn’t like indulging in festive delights? From that Ghee-laden laddoo to jalebis, Diwali is all about getting together and binge-eating your favourite food. What are Diwali festivities without those extra bites of sweets shared with everyone, making delightful memories? The festival brings flavoursome
[ad_1] The You season 3 soundtrack is quite fitting for the show’s murderous protagonists. Based on Caroline Kepnes’ book of the same name, You originally debuted on Lifetime in 2019. The show was initially canceled due to low ratings, but was later resurrected on Netflix and became a binge-worthy hit. In addition to continuing the show for an additional two seasons,
[ad_1] Gen Z’s favorite fictional serial killer is back and… tamer than ever. Netflix’s hit original series, “You,” returned with its third season on Oct. 15, and the internet is brimming with spoilers, memes, and theories. Like the previous two seasons, the newest addition to “You” is just as binge-worthy, and keeps viewers guessing up
[ad_1] Wentworth season 9 is coming to Netflix very soon! But, it’s not all good news for fans of the series! Sadly, Wentworth is coming to an end after a nine-season run. The prison drama television series came out in 2019 and quickly made a name for itself among other prison dramas like the popular Netflix original