[ad_1] Popular show “Squid Game” has conquered 94 countries and counting with its tracksuits and bleak message of social inequality, spawning hundreds of memes in the process and becoming the anti-“Ted Lasso.” Within a month of its mid-September debut, it overtook steamy Regency romance “Bridgerton” as Netflix’s most-watched series ever. That people gravitate toward dystopian
[ad_1] How much would you be willing to give in order to settle your debts? Your life? Someone else’s? These are the questions posed by Hwang Dong-hyuk’s outrageous survival drama Squid Game, which premiered on Netflix back in September. The latest addition to what has been coined the ‘death game genre,’ Squid Game follows the
[ad_1] The Korean TV series “Squid Game” has been a sensation since it debuted on Netflix in September. The twisty thriller — about an assortment of desperate debtors who risk their lives in a series of supercharged children’s games, in hopes of winning a big cash prize — has hooked audiences with its fantastical sets