Thanks, but no thanks, to government subsidizing news


Former state Sen. William Dean Barrow used to preface Senate speeches with lessons from the “Yellow River Code” and tales of the cracker frontier folks of the far Florida Panhandle he represented.

Illustrating the folly of government getting involved in business, he once told of an over-confident college boy coming home to Crestview with a headful of ideas about waste and inefficiency in farming. There must be a good use for all this “heifer dust,” the kid said, if only it wasn’t such an unpleasant substance.

Barrow, who was known as “Wig,” said his young friend reasoned that a logical counter agent would be some 50-pound bags of sugar, which he mixed with the cow manure. And how’d that work out, Barrow asked.

“Well, it didn’t improve the heifer dust,” the kid replied, “and it just ruined the sugar.”


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