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The 10 Best Quotes From The Ricky Gervais Show


Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are best known as the co-creators of the original, British version of The Office, but the pair have also achieved enormous success in radio and podcasting. The Ricky Gervais Show has countless funny scenes and quotes to choose from, as the audio from features such as “Monkey News” and “Karl’s Diary” is even funnier when brought to life with HBO’s creatively animated visuals.

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Along with their producer, Karl Pilkington, the trio’s chemistry gained them a cult following that still binge-listens to their content on repeat to this day, and some lines stand out more than others.

“You Make Chickens And Monkeys Cleverer Than You In Your Stories, Which Is Weird.” – Ricky

In season 1, episode 5, Karl is telling Ricky and Steve of how a farmer put an ax next to a chicken who wasn’t laying enough eggs, and upon realizing that the ax was a threat, the terrified fowl then laid more eggs. A flabbergasted Ricky says this to Karl in response.

One of the biggest differences between the U.S. and U.K. versions of The Office is the Brit’s brutal honesty. This quote is not only a funny criticism but also surprisingly accurate, upon further consideration. After all, Karl tells stories of monkeys who launch a rocket ship into outer space, hold a Ph.D. in physics, and manage a day spa for other monkeys.

“Hit The Left Button.” – Karl

Monkey in space with a banana flag on Ricky Gervais Show

In season 1, episode 1, Karl is telling Ricky and Steve of a monkey who was trained via a “banana dispenser” to launch, pilot, and land a spaceship. He insists that while listening to commands from what would presumably be NASA’s Mission Control Center, the monkey would carry out directives such as this one.

As an avid proponent of just reading a story’s headline and nothing further, this quote perfectly sums up Karl’s indifference towards details when relaying supposedly factual information. It’s not surprising that he can’t be bothered to impart what must have been a more complicated instruction on navigating the omni-directional planes of the cosmos.

“The Earth Is One Big Rock. Australia Is At The Bottom Of The Big Rock, And They’re Trying To Hide Under It.” – Karl

Ricky, Steven and Karl as cartoons in the Ricky Gervais Show

In season 2, episode 1, Steve is reading out Karl’s diary, including his opinions on Australia, and the country’s infamous population of snakes and spiders. He theorizes that as snakes and spiders typically hide under rocks, many are just hiding underneath the big rock that is the Earth.

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While most of Karl Pilkington’s best quotes are ridiculous upon first glance, and indeed, every glance thereafter, some have a hint of genius to them. While Ricky is right to immediately point out that Karl’s concept of Earth’s “under” is relative, there’s just enough logic to what Karl’s saying to make it clear how he arrived at and holds his hilarious hypothesis.

“How Would I Know Which One I Was?” – Karl


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