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The 10 Best Sci-Fi Shows Currently On Netflix


Considerably lighter in tone than the majority of titles on the list is “Dark Matter,” a space heist series that aired on Syfy for three seasons from 2015 through 2017. The show is about a ship full of amnesiacs who discover they weren’t exactly the kindest, gentlest people in their past lives (in fact they were scoundrels, cheats, and murderers). Now, these rogues travel the galaxy, making amends for their sins while dodging old acquaintances and past employers who want to make them pay for forgotten wrongdoings.

One of the joys of “Dark Matter” is not just watching these lovable grifters uncover their pasts, but how effortless and fun their various space adventures are. The series never takes itself too seriously, which makes for a light, breezy escapism that is sometimes missing from other, darker sci-fi series.

Come for the fun, engaging cast of Canadian genre veterans, including Melissa O’Neil (“iZombie”), Anthony Lemke (“Good Witch”), Zoie Palmer (“Lost Girl”), Jodelle Ferland (“Silent Hill”), and Roger Cross (“Continuum”); stay for the robots, the samurai, and the overly complicated time-travel shenanigans.


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