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The Best TVs of 2021


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Our top recommendations for the best TV options on the market


“Alexa, what TV should I buy?” 

Whether you are looking for a new TV to binge the hottest shows or to watch the latest Blockbuster, there are more options than ever when it comes to TVs. From OLED to smart TVs and 4k to 8k, shopping for a new TV may feel overwhelming. 

Each year, TV companies, like Sony, Samsung, and LG, introduce innovative new features and performance improvements to bring on-screen picture quality even closer to reality and compete with each other for space in consumers’ homes. This year we have seen technology advance in the television world; Samsung introduced Mini-LEDs, and a few brand names released 8k resolutions. 

We know not all TVs are created equal. But don’t let that turn finding your perfect TV into a stressful event. Our guide makes it easy to understand what TVs provide the best value for their cost while still delivering the latest features and tech.


 A good TV displays you a decent picture on-screen. A great TV makes you forget that you’re watching a tech device and makes you feel like you are right there in action. 


TCL 5-Series

Price: $520

  • Screen: 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches
  • Weight: 26lb

When you’re on a strict budget but need a new tv, the TCL 5 Series 4K television is worth a closer look. For the price point, this tv is incredibly thin with virtually no bezel and slim, unassuming feet that are adjustable. This television provides up to 4k resolution at a 60 Hz refresh rate. The black levels are excellent, and the local dimming helps avoid blooming or halo effects from lesser quality backlighting systems found in inferior televisions. The colors on the TV benefit from the use of quantum dots to get a wider color gamut. There is minimal lag on the screen when watching sports, and film content does not have much stutter or judder happening, which provides a more realistic viewing experience. 

This tv is a “Roku TV,” meaning its operating system is designed and operated by Roku. So, where you usually need a Roku external device to plug into a television, instead of TCL, it has the system built-in and a compact remote that perfectly manages the operating system with ease. These 5 series televisions add Airplay and HomeKit, a welcome addition to expand the smart connection for those with Apple devices who want to stream content directly to the tv. If you are in the market for a solid television with features that get the job done at an excellent price, look no further than the TCL 5 series.  


Sony X85J

Price: $698.00 for 43 inch

  • Screen: 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, and 85 inch

The picture quality of the X85J is impressive, featuring an edge-lit native 120 HZ panel with TRILUMINOS technology driven by Sony 4k X1 HDR processor. It shows excellent colors and black levels right out of the box, creating a natural-looking SDR and HDR content picture. It can playback HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision Motion and amazingly handle sports, movies, games, and slow-moving objects.


This Sony TV’s software is run by Google TV and replaces Android TV found on older Sony televisions. It is a smoother operating experience, has a better app layout, and features a favorites bar to personalize the experience better. With a broad level of smart connections, this TV is compatible with Google Nest, Alexa, Apple Airplay, Apple HomeKit, and Chromecast. There are two USB ports for playing back media or powering a streaming media player like a Roku or Fire Stick. We love the X85J because you get a lot for your money with the many features that come standard with this tv.  



The Best OLED TV: LG C1

Price: $2,096 for 65 inch

  • Screen: 48, 55, 65, and 77-inch

The LG C1 series features a sleek design, and no other television comes close to being as feature-packed as this one for this price. The C1’s stunning picture uses organic light-emitting diodes to create perfect black levels for infinite contrast and outdoes any QLED or OLED tv out there. The television has excellent off-angle viewing. 

The remote has a motion control that allows you to move a cursor around on the screen like a computer mouse. The remote also features a bunch of buttons compatible with streaming services. It features three built-in voice assistants, including Alexa, Google Assistant, and LG’s Think Service. Pressing the home button on the remote fills the screen with LG’s WebOS system featuring many tiles, plenty of content, and a Trending Now section right above your app list. There are many standard modes to adjust the picture, and you can also dive a little deeper with the expert mode, where you can customize the display to your liking. The contrast and excellent black levels of this tv make it a fantastic OLED tv that outshines its competitors.  


Furrion Aurora

Price: $1800 for 65 inch

  • Waterproof/Water-resistant:  IP54
  • Screen: 43, 49, 55, and 65 inch
  • Weight: 60 lb

A television designed for the outdoors offers better protection from dirt, dust, and humidity than standard indoor television. It is important to note that any television used outdoors needs to be set up undercover and should not be left in the elements as it is a powered device that cannot sustain rainy conditions. The Furrion Aurora comes in 43-inch, 49-inch, 55- inch, and 65-inch sizes, giving you many options to choose from to fit in your space. This particular model is designed to be in a fulyl shaded area like a covered patio that remains darker than a sunroom-style setup. The tv includes an IP67 rated waterproof remote, meaning it will not be impacted by dust and can be submerged into up to a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.  

One of the unique features of this television is the included Roku streaming stick for media and smart tv features and a fixed tilt wall mount. The tv is heavier than most weighing in at 60 pounds, but that is due to its rugged design to make it outdoor weather friendly. It also features a rubber gasket material over the controls on the back of the tv for volume, input, channel, etc. Even without calibration, the beautiful 4K HDR image with the anti-glare screen is superb, especially at night after the sun goes down. The colors are rich and have a nice pop to them. We love this television to enhance your outdoor living and entertainment area.  


LG G1 Gallery Series 

Price: $2500 for 65 inch

  • Screen: 55, 65, and 77 inches
  • Weight: 65 lbs

If money is no object when it comes to your new TV, we highly recommend the LG G1. This television comes with a wall mount, and when used, it gives a true flush mount to the wall making this super slim tv look seamless while providing an ultra-clean look. All four HDMI inputs are 2.1, which means they can handle full 4k resolution at a 120hz refresh rate. It includes two decorative panels that you can install on the rear of the tv to hide all of your cablings.  

What sets this tv apart is that it gets twice as bright as older OLED tv’s which has always been a criticism of QLED in the past. Its specifications put it at the top of its class for creating a home cinematic experience, including Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ, and Dolby Atmos. Content is more fluid with OLED Motion Pro, perfect blacks, and infinite contrast.  

The LG G1 has a magic remote that utilizes the cursor-style arrow controlled on the screen while you move the remote around in your hand and features hands-free voice control. This style of tv navigation feels more natural and is unique to LG TVs. The home screen is also customized to tailor it to your preferences. The LG G1 shines in so many ways that it is a great overall pick for the buyer looking for a high-end television experience.   


Hisense U8G

The Best TV For Greatest Brightness- Hisense U8G

Price: $950 for 55 inch

  • Screen: 55 and 65 inch
  • Weight: 38 lbs



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