Stress Binge

The Boss Baby 2: Family Business review – needs a nap


Put an infinite number of babies in a room with tablets and they may, as posited by this frenetic sequel to the 2017 animation, dream up hugely successful apps. More likely, though, they would binge on sugar-based snack foods and spend 107 minutes bouncing off the walls, which is essentially the approach taken here. The film reunites the now adult protagonists of the first film – estranged brothers Ted (Alec Baldwin) and Tim (James Marsden) – and shrinks them back to baby size in order to investigate a suspicious instance of educational hothousing at a primary school.

The pro-family, anti-tech messaging is designed to play to the parents, but while not entirely unwatchable, the film’s demented levels of energy will recommend it to younger audiences and may trigger stress headaches in anyone over 12.


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