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The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 123 |


“You play with quizzes, you get burned…”

Welcome to The Big Reviewski Movie Quiz on JOE. 

Round 1 will be none other than the classic Movie General Knowledge round, just because we all love it so much.

Don’t know what to binge next? The answer you’re looking for is right HERE!

With the global crash of various social media platforms earlier in the week, and to remind you of that horror/freedom, Round 2 is all about cinematic social media movies.

And finally, with Squid Game being SO insanely popular at the moment, it’s only fitting that Round 3 is dedicated to Battle Royale-style survival movies. (And yes, Battle Royale is obviously in there.)

On your movies… get set… GO!

The Big Reviewski JOE Movie Quiz: Week 123
I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

If you thought that was good, give last week’s quiz a try right here. If all that didn’t give you your weekly movie quiz fix, you can check out LOADS more Movie Quizzes by pressing right here.

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