The most gripping new TV to stream right now – from One Night to Family Business


SHORT on things to watch this Autumn? Well, The Sun has got you covered with a list of brand new shows coming to your screens.

Whether you’re in the mood for a spine chilling thriller or a light-hearted BBC comedy, there’s no shortage of shows to binge-watch to your heart’s content.

Season 2 of Alice in Borderland is set to hit our screens this autumn


Season 2 of Alice in Borderland is set to hit our screens this autumn
Maid is sure to tug at viewers heartstrings


Maid is sure to tug at viewers heartstringsCredit: RICARDO HUBBS/NETFLIX

One Night (BritBox)

Set over 10 short and sharp half-hour episodes, the series tells the story – in real-time – of an eventful blind date.

The show details a night of mishaps between nervous and initially unwilling waitress, Elizabeth and cagey but self-assured carpenter Jonas.

Having been set up by her friend Denise, Elizabeth and Jonas meet at a bar in Oslo and slowly try to suss each other out.

Intriguing, moving and seriously bingeable, One Night is filled with all sorts of unexpected emotional twists and turns, making it quite unlike any other drama you’ll see this year.

All episodes will be available from Thursday.

Colin In Black & White (Netflix)

Former American Football star Colin Kaepernick rose to fame in 2016 by taking the knee before games, to protest against police brutality.

The powerful six-part series delves deeper into Kaepernick’s personal life, dramatising his time at high school and the experiences that led to him becoming a modern-day activist.

Starring Nick Offerman (Parks And Recreation) as Colin’s adoptive dad, Rick and even features the man himself as narrator.

Below Deck (Hayu)

The crew of breathtaking superyacht My Seanna are back in the ninth season of Below Deck and, as always, it’s anything but plain sailing for the crew.

Joining in the ocean-sized fun this time round are new chief stewardess Heather Chase, stews Fraser Olender and Jessica Albert, and new deckhands Wes O’Dell, Jake Foulger and Rayna Lindsay.

And just as you’d expect, it isn’t long before the crew hit some rough waves as they attempt to navigate their way through dramatic rows, romances and unreasonable guests.

Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens (BBC3)

The first series of Awkwafina’s self-titled comedy-drama followed the disastrous life of the aimless Nora, living with her grandmother and father in a small house Queens, New York.

As the second series opens, life is as complicated as ever for Nora, who’s back in New York following her disastrous attempt to launch a business in China.

Concerned, her dad Wally (BD Wong) finds her a job in a CBD shop- but how will the grumpy twenty-something Nora fare?.

Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night Of Terror (Discovery+)

You’d think that having self-styled Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne as your dad might encourage a love of the paranormal – but Kelly Osbourne is something of a sceptic.

Her brother Jack, however, is a chip off the spooky old block and in this entertaining special, he drags Kelly to one of America’s most haunted locations- the RMS Queen Mary.

Jack and Kelly are climbing aboard for three days to investigate whether the spooky rumours are true, or just a load of watery nonsense.

Lots of fun.

Family Business (Acorn TV)

First things first: confusingly, there are two French TV shows known in English as Family Business.

One is a black comedy about a butcher who turns his shop into a marijuana café, the other is a light-hearted drama about mother-and-daughter lawyers who both specialise in family law and decide to team up.

Imagine a cross between Nicola Walker series The Split and French hit Call My Agent and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. In French with subtitle

Swagger (Apple TV+)

The unforgiving world of youth basketball is laid bare in this gritty ten-part series, inspired by the experiences of NBA superstar Kevin Durant.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. stars as Ike, a former player turned youth coach, who channels his hopes and efforts into 14-year-old basketball prodigy Jace and his talented teammates.

Jace has what it takes to make it – but life off-court doesn’t always play ball.

The first three episodes are available Friday, then weekly.

Maid (Netflix)

Based on writer Stephanie Land’s real-life experience of working as a cleaner to keep both her and her young child afloat, 10-part drama Maid is heart-wrenching stuff.

Featuring stunning performances, particularly from Margaret Qualley as lead character Alex, and from Margaret’s real-life mum Andie MacDowell – who plays Alex’s unreliable mother Paula – every episode is guaranteed to put your emotions through the wringer.

Admittedly, sometimes the misery feels a little overpowering but as a glimpse of the harsh reality of life for many hard-working Americans today, it’s unquestionably powerful.

Sex, Love & Goop (Netflix)

Depending on your opinion of Gwyneth Paltrow and her controversial Goop brand, you can look at this relationship self-help series in one of two ways.

For some, it’s an informative show in which Gwyneth and various intimacy experts help real-life couples strengthen their relationship and spice up their sex lives.

For others, it’s a hugely self-indulgent, pastiche-level load of affirmative twaddle, designed to promote Goop and its products.

Whichever side of the fence you sit, the show has certainly got people talking.

Tom Parker: Inside My Head (All4)

When The Wanted’s Tom Parker revealed to the world that he was suffering from an inoperable brain tumour, it lead to an outpouring of sympathy and support for the young singer.

This intense one-off reveals what life has been like for Tom since he announced the news, as he and his wife Kelsey learn to live with his illness, and he sets about arranging a high-profile charity concert.

Genuinely emotional and moving, expect to be inspired by Tom’s strength and continuing bravery.

Alice In Borderland (Netflix)

Fans of Squid Game will love the Japanese sci-fi thriller, Alice in Borderland.

The Netflix original adaptation of the hit manga follows people risking their lives by playing lethal games.

Set in an abandoned version of Tokyo, season two follows video-game fan Arisu and mountain climber Usagi forced to take part in more perilous games.

Crammed with impressive visual effects and imaginative games, once they’ve set up the concept in episode one, this is fast-paced and lots of fun.

Hollington Drive (ITV Hub/Sky On Demand)

Despite early complaints from some viewers that it contained far too much mumbling, Hollington Drive is fabulously gripping.

The crime drama follows two sisters who become caught up in the investigation into the disappearance of a local child.

Set over four tense episodes, long-held secrets are revealed and relationships are stretched to breaking point.

Colin in Black and white serialises the life of activist Colin Kaepernick


Colin in Black and white serialises the life of activist Colin KaepernickCredit: SER BAFFO/NETFLIX
Sex, Love and Goop is coming to Netflix


Sex, Love and Goop is coming to NetflixCredit: © 2021 Netflix, Inc.
Season 2 of Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, hit viewers screens in the US back in August


Season 2 of Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, hit viewers screens in the US back in AugustCredit: Amazon

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